She is Camila Morais….maybe she is the reason that Marco can’t find the Goal and he scores only … but hey! Antonio still believes in him..
TURIN, March 16, 2012 – Six appearances in the Juventus jersey. Three as holder (but none up to 90 ‘) and three coming from the bench. Total minutes played: 255. Goals scored: none. Yellow cards: one. The balance of Marco Borriello, since arriving in Turin, is this. Nothing special, to be honest. But tomorrow night, at the Franchi against Fiorentina, could be to him again lead the attack. The balloting for the position of striker is still alive: “There in front do not exist hierarchies – have said at different times but playing the same sheet of music Conte and Alessio, the latter on the eve of the match then draw against Genoa – plays who in week showed a different perspective from others. ” 

ALTERNATION Not that there’s a sensational need for turnover at this time: however, from the match against Milan on 25 February, Conte has always changed the striker of reference. At San Siro have in fact played Borriello and Quagliarella in the 3-5-2 proposed to scare the devil, then, against Chievo in Turin, Matri has joined Vucinic, then still Borriello in the field at Bologna (another 1-1) and finally touched on yet to the former Cagliari to complete the trio took the field under the Lanterna. Moreover, in the Juve that at Marassi has still dominated the game, Matri went to meet one of the worst days of his season and now has been a week and when his form and his spirit had the opportunity to improve, but the feeling is that Borriello can get the fourth chance of his career as holder for Juventus. Conte has also never hidden to appreciate the ability to defend the ball and communicate with mates department and with midfielders: if Matri is better in small area and in look the depth and is more cold and instinctive in the area – not by case the last goal scored by number 32, just against the Italian champions AC Milan, was shot a half volley from inside the penalty area and found the desired way, almost without thinking – Borriello is preferable when Juve is called to make the match and manage an important ball possession. 

QUAGLIARELLA There would be also Quagliarella, skillful and arruolabile. But in the last three games the Neapolitan seems to be finished a bit ‘in oblivion: has played in tandem with Borriello in the match against Catania and Milan, then the benches were reserved three in a row against Chievo (never entered), Bologna (ten minutes and so) and Genoa (still seated). In total, Quagliarella has played so far 505′ ‘and scored two goals, while taking into account the difficulty to return to full fitness after knee injury, and without forgetting that many of these minutes were pieces of thegame during which there is never easy to be able to impact, is not a satisfactory balance, not even his. 

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Domenico Latagliata) 
adapted by: Mike Prise