Don’t get me Mad! Give me what I deserve! Don’t steal from me!

PARMA. Antonio Conte is very hard and attack the referees without question: they are afraid to whistle in favor of Juve. “The game we did and we dominated, sorry to not win games like this. Bravo the goalkeeper Pavarini, some our mistakes. And even today there is something more to be reviewed in terms of images. I have seen situations: for Parma is a simulation and does not give yellow. The foul on Giaccherini speaks for itself. At this point they are afraid of giving a penalty for Juve: 1 in 22 games penalty, here there were two net penalties. 

They are afraid to whistle penalties in favor of Juventus: is evident. It ‘a situation daughter everything, but annoys us. Today I will not mention the single episode: this statistic is alarming. We for 75 minutes of a game are in the opponent’s half and we are the team that has had less penalties of all. If you whistle against Juve you still are not mistaken. I leave to be the final sprint: I want justice and I want referees who do not have problems to whistle.

And then I hear songs in stadiums: “Only steal, you know only to steal “, but who but who! Look at the statistics of how many penalties Juve had been given and how many suffered. We could win after that domination, even without the penalties and was good Pavarini. But these are two points left on the street. 

Vucinic? Nice performance, but you must also score. You have put the ball inside … We have to continue hoping that the wind changes. The team is working very hard, but instead of two points between Parma and Siena I would have 6! What you hear is the air that if you do not whistle in favor of Juve you’re still good. And I can not accept this: we need referees with the balls to whistle a penalty in the 90′ . 

Speak well of Juve around? I hope so: we are doing a great season, but many times and now there are too many are not given what belongs to us. I manifest what is in the air: they are afraid to whistle something in favor of Juve. Why? Just ask and look back: there’s the explanation! I do not want gifts, but treat me fairly. Calciopoli? The air is if you die also they wan’t give a penalty . There is this: I can not accept, we train like animals and want to be treated like that. Beginning to feel things in my heart I did not want to perceive ” 

 source: adapted by: Mike Prise