The 9 games and the remaining 15 in which Conte won’t be able to sit on the bench

ROMA, 3 ottobre 2012 – Conte asks for acquittal, his lawyers Luigi Chiappero, Antonio De Rensis and Giulia Bongiorno (to defend the FIGC are lawyers Luigi Medugno and Letizia Mazzarelli) were placed on the first point of their preliminary requests a hearing of the former striker Siena Mastronunzio. “His interrogation – explained Bongiorno – can reverse the decision of the Federal Court on appeal: Mastronunzio has not played the last few games of Siena because he was injured, not because they taken out of team by Conte. This show the medical certificates … “. The arbitration of TNAs, however, seems to get oriented to deliver judgment without hearing the witnesses requested by the parties. 

Meanwhile, the one on Sunday in Siena may be the last in bench for Carrera: from TNAs next week could get a discount of up to two months sentence for the deputy of Conte, Angelo Alessio. Two months already discounted. 

 Source: La Stampa (article by Guglielmo Buccheri)

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