Andrea?! Beppe?! Bring me the players I need!  You won’t regret
TURIN – Conte did his. Now the miracle has to do Beppe Marotta, multiplying the economic resources to complete a market for Scudetto. Pending developments in the transfer market (which today could live an interesting day), the black and white people can enjoy the final metamorphosis of Juventus it was once again the team from the first half of the season and time again is a “great” team . 

At this point, really lacks only the seal of a title (and not that, ephemeral, of winter Champions) and now Juventus can pronounce without fear the word Championship, but in the euphoria of well-deserved and brilliant victory of Bergamo must be utilized the need to complete the squad of COnte, in the light of tactical changes which are now final. 

Also because against Atalanta it came out (medical checks of the next time are is eagerly awaited by the technician) Marchisio and Pepe, two key elements that almost certainly there won’t be in the match against Roma on Tuesday and are likely to miss a game (Pepe might even stay out a month). For goodness sake, Giaccherini continues to confirm that the confidence of Conte is extremely well placed. Marrone is a surprise only to those who are not closely following Juventus (because it is not the first time that the boy shines). But Caceres and a midfielder are two pieces that, at this moment, can make a difference. 

The Bianconeri who go into that field are extraordinary in dedication and application, now it is in society to make an effort (Invented by the leaders, economic as part of the property) to avoid regrets that could be frightening. The situation is excellent, must ride the wave. 

source: by:Guido Vaciago 
adapted by: Mike Prise