ROME, July 27, 2012 -Is the day of decisions. Juve’s defensive line will be known in the afternoon, when they will meet the three lawyers who are following Antonio Conte, Leonardo Bonucci, Simone Pepe, Angelo Alessio and Cristian Stellini. We shall examine the various positions and studied in detail the order of the prosecutor Palazzi. Then the lawyers Antonio De Rensis, Luigi Chiappero and Michele Briamonte evaluate what to do, but not before consulting with the president Agnelli and involved enrolled. On the table are all assumptions, including the plea bargain. And do not be surprised if this was really at the end the chosen path. Especially for Antonio Conte. Let’s try to understand better. 
Unnecessary risks The coach has to face two omitted denunciations. Translated: the prosecutor could ask for 12 months for each episode (isthe maximum always used by Palazzi to date, the minimum is 6 months) plus 3 for the aggravating circumstance (the coach is an executive figure and also there could be a continuation of offense). Total risk conviction: 27 months. A lot. Sure, Conte feels the victim of injustice and defamatory accusations. The illicit survivor could persuade him to go through the process to prove his moral cleanliness. Also because the lawyers have identified some inconsistencies on failure denunciation of Novara-Siena (no other player in the technical meeting where Conte would have announced the draw has admitted the same charge), and could win in court. 
On the table would remain only AlbinoLeffe-Siena. And here a careful consideration of the cards should advise caution. The admissions collected by Palazzi, beginning with the players of the Lombards, which confirmed the agreement for their victory, and the behavior of Stellini leave little room for a turnaround. The real risk of the choice of going to trial is to emerge in the best cases with 12 months out. Too many. So here the plea agreement is in sight. Also because it must be remembered that the process sport is accusatory and then the compromise chosen to avoid nasty surprises. Putting that way, even Conte could make the best of on things and find himself without a bench of Juventus for “only” 3 or 4 months. In short, the lesser evil. 

 Source: GdS (article by Francis Ceniti)

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