ROME, Aug. 6, 2012 – We enter in the week of sentences. From yesterday, the Disciplinary met to take stock of the lines of Cremona and Bari have just discussed. By Thursday the sentences of first instance, after the guilty pleas remain in ball 6 clubs and 25 members. For Antonio Conte (and vice Alessio), Palazzi asked 15 months of disqualification that may fall to 9. Bonucci part, the request for 3 ½ years has a range of possibilities: confirmation, discount or acquittal. With the slightest accusation of failure to complaint (and 1 year stop), also hopes Pepe
Other thorny cases, the repayments of Grosseto and Lecce, the 3 ½ years for Portanova, the omission of Di Vaio and -4 of Novara. Appeal on August 20. Continuing interrogation of the Public Prosecutor of Bari (on new games revealed by Andrea Masiello): Santoni, Stellini, Lanzafame, Barreto, Sartori, Gazzi, Guberti and Parisi: the Bari 2008-09 is expected to testify. Today Stellini and the other repentant, Micolucci. 
Source: Tuttosport (article by Simone Di Stefano)

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