“The accusation is heavy, but I stay calm. The serenity comes from knowing what I did. Are investigating judges who know to do their job very well and certainly will assess at best the situation. I am convinced that the truth will come to surface soon. Meanwhile, pending the conclusion of the investigation, from July 12 I will go in training camp with Juventus to Chatillon, in Valle d’Aosta “. 

These are the words of Antonio Conte to Alfonso Signorini, Director of the weekly ‘Chi’, on sale from tomorrow, on the investigation for sporting fraud in which he is involved.
“I think for who knew me as a player and as coach knows very well who am I. Sometimes I can be hard, difficult, but I have always behaved with great honesty and loyalty in every situation. I have a defect, this is: I like to win. If I chose to do the coach is ‘just because’ I like to give a direction to my team, trying to transmit the teachings that, in my turn, I received from my coaches, who were among the best in Italy,” says Conte again, who does not hide, however, his bitterness. “Yes, these are days of great disappointment.” 

In the interview, the Juventus coach, known to be very reserved about his private life, also spoke of his wife, Elizabetta Muscarello, and their daughter, Victoria. “I have yet to marry Elizabetta. They are eight years we been together, shortly will do  the wedding. I have beside me a great woman, who always tries to understand me.”. Keep the words that Conte reserves to his daughter: “And the other woman in my life. She also begins to understand that Dad when he does not win, is nervous”. 

source: tuttojuve.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise