Interviewed at the microphones of Sky Sport 24, the Juventus coach Antonio Conte, at the end of the midsummer classic appointment at Villar Perosa, briefly discussed the issues related to the field and beyond. So much enthusiasm and so many autographs for the new coach:
“Signing autographs is the minimum for those fans who always support us so enthusiastically. I am delighted by the words of John Elkann and this responsibility is an extra motivation to bring this club where it belongs. We started a project but we want to go to top right now. today’s game was a party, take good enthusiasm but there is something to be reviewed. With Betis will be different. “

Comparison with other teams Conte is realistic yet ambitious:.

“We are beginning at the work, not that of a given amble around. We are at the foundations of a house that will become beautiful, admired and durable. All must have patience, but the will is to be competitive right from the start, some teams will be more advantaged because experienced but this does not frighten us at all. “

Closing the last chapter Calciopoli and the legal street that Juventus has decided to undertake:

“The president is on the right track, I’ve already talked about this and championships are won on the field, Juventus has 29, the rest does not matter. Now we are working to get back to winning, given the recent past, it would not hurt.”

Juventus: Storari (46’ Manninger); Motta, Bonucci (69′ Ziegler), Barzagli, De Ceglie (75’ Liviero); Ruggiero (46’ Iaquinta), Marrone (46’ Giandonato, (86′ Vidal)), Pazienza (75′ Appelt Gabriel), Pasquato (69’ Lichtsteiner); Del Piero (46’ Matri), Vucinic (61′ Grygera)

Juventus Primavera: Branescu (75’ Di Salvia); Carfora (81′ Bertinetti), Rubin (46′ Napoli), Di Dio, Pol Garcia; Lanini (46′ Beltrame ), Schiavone (46′ Cisbah), Corticchia, (46′ Emmanuello), Spinazzola (69′ Appelt Guillermo); Margiotta (60′ Simunac), Libertazzi (75′ Esposito)