I am Angry! This is who I am! I’ve told you since Saturday that this Game won’t be played! Haven’t I?
Interviewed by the microphones of Sky, Antonio Conte talked about the postponement of Parma-Juventus pointing out certain information which has come about the willingness of Juventus and the same coach to postpone the match against the wishes of the home team. This is evidenced by the TuttoJuve.com 

 What is your mood? You seem very angry … 
“Yes, because it was a strange situation. Already on Saturday I said the situation that we found in the locker room with my guys here in Parma, the stadium is not like ours and we knew 100% that we would not play because it was expected this weather situation. They’ve could do more, we will now have difficulty with 10-15 hours by bus to return to Turin, we will return again in Parma and re-prepare this game. I’m sorry to hear that Juve and I, do not want to play, when yesterday I said in the conference that I wanted to have a spectacle worthy to play at good levels. If someone has this thought that I had pushed for the posteponing they have to understand why, today there is no condition to play, but the information give must be correct, to think that the Parma fan is angry with us for this false report of discomfort. ” 

What you’re talking about when you say something more could have been done to play the game?
“We could have played at 15, the result could be that what was in the end but there weren’t be these problems.” 

The problem seems more than the snow with the stadium. 
“Yes, but with Udinese we played because it was our stadium or else at any other place would not have played. Now begins an intense period and must have intelligence and common sense to use tools that provide these things and put fans and us in the conditions, to be able to see and play an event, so what kind of show could we offer in this way? Sorry because now we have to delay the leave because there are Parma fans that are challenging us convinced that we did not want to play because of bad information, the next time is better that those who shed some news will do it more carefully. ” 

The news comes from rebuilding of the afternoon, however that the statements of Marotta and Leonardi in opposed … 
“The important thing is that eventually will show what you see, there are 10 cm of snow and now we’ll have 15 hours of bus that we would then have to return to Parma, tell me what good we have in it? Again, we could have play the afternoon. ” 

source: tuttojuve.com
adapted by: Mike Prise