VINOVO (Turin), October 28, 2011 

 Antonio Conte, his Juve in front of everyone in Serie A. A world premiere as a coach. How do you feel? 
“Nothing in particular. I do not have vertigo, as a player I was used to certain heights. Anyway, this is a ranking that should be taken with the tongs. We are too early to abandon to strange talk or different enthusiasms. We remain indifferent to an event that weighs very little at this point in the season. ” 

 The criticism, however, already provides you as one of the big favorites for the championship … 
“The criticism raises, because they can not wait to break down. Two draws were enough to cover us with excessive controversy. ” 

 Why do you think? 
“To Juve is not allowed to talk about design, construction. Here, the middle way is not good. ” 

 Well, it’s Juve … 
“Let me be clear, I’m not one who hides, who is afraid of responsibility. Afraid of what? Me? But you can not ignore reality. And here comes from two seventh place. Once can be random, two not. Even me as a player happened to be out of the cups, but the following year we won the league title. Calciopoli destroyed a great team, Capello had at his disposal a crazy group. Since then, year after year has in fact worsened, and then those who ask to be immediately at the top does not understand anything about football. From 2010 to now everything has changed, against Fiorentina 11 of the 14 players I’ve used have come to Turin after that date. That’s because after three months of work we can not speak of the house has already been completed, with only the roof ready. Such a home would be destined to collapse to first shock. Our foundation is two sevenths places, should not be forgotten ever. It takes time, patience and hard work of all. The City, for example, begins to pick up after 4 years and 480 million spent. Anyway, the group that I have gives me confidence : hungry players, ready to sacrifice, eager to bring Juve beyond where it belongs. The example comes precisely from those who have already won everything, like Buffon, Del Piero and Andrea Pirlo. ” 

Therefore, the strategy to move forward with the lights off has nothing to do with luck. 
“If I had said so in 2007, no Calciopoli and inheriting Capello’s team, you would have done well to give me the *. Who says I want to hide, really does not chew football. For me, losing is like dying, but we are beginning a project and I’m going on certainty, on what they have said the last few seasons, the numbers. And all say that AC Milan, Napoli and Prescriti are superior to Juve. ” 

 After prescriti and Naples, your future will be clearer? 
“No, waiting out the end of the first half of the season to figure out who we are and how far we can go this season. Before then it would be irresponsible to make claims. Maybe you beat AC Milan, Prescriti and Naples and then you lose with the so-called small …”. 

 But today where stands Juve? 
“We already have a clear identity, we always make the game, play in the opponent’s half. But to make the decisive step we need continuity, time and confidence of all components: fans, team and company. This is the year zero, the more difficult. We have a huge work, but if we remain united and focused on the project, then the next season will be better. I always say, a technician must be judged and possibly relieved only during the week, looking at how he works, how he holds in his hand the group. I have done my homework: work on the mentality of the boys, the ferocity, the competitive nastiness. I have good players, some of which can become great champions. Like Marchisio, a gem. My job is to help him towards this direction. It’s as if I had in hand the measures to get as high as possible. On this I must be judged by the company, on daily work. And if we all have the right patience will certainly go far. ” 

 What Juve have found in the summer? 
“I found a nice team at all. Let us then go back very soon nasty. Whoever wins is always obnoxious …”. 

About dislikes, prescriti-Juve seems to be the game of the year for the two sides … 
“We would be provincial to think so, to isolate this game. It is always three points, I live it as another stage of growth. ” 

 Well, some difference will be … 
“Of course, the answers against prescriti, in a sense and in another, will be important. And I like to come to this game as a leader, nobody would have bet a few months ago. I’m curious to see if San Siro we will impose our game. If so, will be growing up in enthusiasm and self-esteem. But it is clear, prescriti are favored on paper . ” 

 Well, the last of prescriti it seems was in knees, especially in midfield. 
“They have recently won on the field of Lille, difficult game, against a very strong team. I would go slow up to talk about the group ” 

 What fears of this merda? 
“The many champions available to Ranieri. People who know that at any moment to invent the decisive play. It will be great concentration on our part. ” 

 The module change is final? 
“Before the Juventus I had never abandoned the 4-2-4, but I had never even coached a big team (smiles, ed.) Here the most important players I’ve got are in midfield, was then to found a tactic solution suited to highlight certain features. A technician must act according to the material available. ” 

 In fact, was Vidal to bring on a new tactic road. What he saw in Chilean? 
“In him I found hunger, determination and generosity.” 

 Is ts true that if it was up to you Pirlo was not coming?
 “Today I say to have had the good fortune to find him available. From the first day of training camp has not missed a workout, and I can assure you that our sessions never end with tarallucci and wine. Andrea is an example, he drags all. And seeing him so in training it does nothing but to facilitate my work. He was a nice surprise, a gift that club has made me. ” 

 It is said that you are as mourinho from the Italian technicians. 
“I have my personality very clear , do not think I look like someone. That said, I read a lot about Mourinho, , and even on Lippi. I like winning. ” 

 Prefer to follow the road of Trapattoni or that Lippi? The first beloved by all the Italian fans, the second with indelible label of Juventino doc. 
“I’m right where I always wanted to be. I would be enough to win a small part of what they have won in Juve. In the future, though, I would measure myself abroad, becoming an international coach. ” 

 How do you feel to see Del Piero fell pain on the bench? 
“Ale affect this team even with the breath. We talk often, I thank him for how he trains, for example, which gives on the field every day. put in front Juve of his personal interests. Always wants to play, is the right mindset, then I though I make evaluations at 360 °. It is embroidered on my decision to send him to the field over the last 5 ‘against Genoa. He had to go when was 1-1, then we went ahead and I needed somebody else. Once the 2-2 is normal to have thought of him, one that can in two minutes to find the right shot. “

 Other big margins to: Elia. After all, is a runner up in the world cup. 
“Me too, I turn back and see a beautiful career. But only the present counts. For all, it is clear. In the field, I want people who eat the grass. Who has not stimuli, does not play. That said, Elia comes from very different leagues than the Italian, less tactical, much less tactical. Here, everything has changed for him, even at the level of power. It takes so a little ‘time. ” 

 Usually you give explanations to the excluded?
 “No, but if they ask me the only answer is: I choose like this because I want to win.” 

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport by Mirko Graziano and G.B. Olivero
 adapted by:Mike Prise