ROME, October 5, 2012 – Shooting at 10.30, last chambers on TNAs (president Massimo Zaccheo, referees Calvi for Conte and De Giovanni for FIGC), in the evening the judgment of Antonio Conte, even if the award with reasons will be released by 15. For the technical we navigate to a substantial reduction of sentence. These days the panel of judges gathered the cards, memory, and counter also based on preliminary motions should not be granted (Mastronunzio possible hearings, the team doctor of Siena Causarano, of Stellini and Carobbio). 
We aim to acquittal, said the lawyer Bongiorno, have to settle for a reduction: 4 months? This is the point of equilibrium reached, but the decision is at the chairman Zaccheo, which can stretch a few days. The reasoning is this: in 4 months, Conte would return on December 12 for the Italian Cup. The judges might add 20 days, with the 15 winter break would see Conte back on January 6 with Sampdoria, but losing Juve-Atalanta and Cagliari – Juventus. It would be a masked penalty of five months, but still halved. 

 Source: Tuttosport (article by Simone Di Stefano)

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