ROME, August 28, 2012 – Closed the brackets with the FIGC, the battle of Antonio Conte is going to move to the TNAs, which will evaluate the use of technician versus 10-month ban inflicted by the Court of Justice. The appeal of the third degree – Conte against FIGC – will be presented between today and tomorrow by lawyers of Conte: De Rensis, Chiappero and Bongiorno, with a request for suspension and emergency assistance. The first would be subject to a possible appeal to the court for violation of the right to work, the only technicality that could cause the TNAs to accept it. Although it is unlikely to be accepted, “Chances are close to zero,” according to the lawyer Mario Stagliano. “Statistically claims against paid sanctions have a very small percentage of acceptance in front of the TNAs” says lawyer Mattia Grassani, whose action on the Lecce is frozen at the TNAs waiting for motivation. Thanks to Sandulli and his anticipations to radio, those relating to technician came instead the day after the ruling, and Conte can proceed immediately. It will be up to the President of TNAs, Alberto De Roberto, and the statistics are not good. However, there is cautious optimism about the grant of urgency, which would allow to get the ruling within 30-40 days. Upheld the appeal, Conte and FIGC will indicate their arbitrator who will make up the college. 

Source: Tuttosport (article by Simone Di Stefano)

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