ROME, July 13, 2012 – The arrival in Rome. Then, a long afternoon of reflections, insights, notes: locked in a legal office in the historic center. Antonio Conte, today at 15, will knock on the door of the prosecution of the Football Association to disprove the allegations that chase him for a long time, since his former player Filippo Carobbio got him involved in the betting scandal.

Many the papers and documents that the lawyers of  Juventus  coach, at the relevant time in charge at Siena, bring to the attention of federal investigators. For Carobbio, Conte knew, indeed, and announced during the technical meeting for the existence of the draw between Siena and Novara (game of May 1, 2011, 2-2). Eight of current or former Tuscan club players have denied in their interrogations at FIGC the fact made put on record ​​by Carobbio. Another 15 players from that Siena did it on a sheet, signed by all, that the lawyers of the technician champion of Italy will make available to federal investigators.

The defensive investigation fielded from Conte’s pool of lawyers  started in the hours following the search of military in the house of technician on May 28, 2012: the collection of evidence contrary to the tales of repented have participated more lawyers holes in order to give the message impartial of investigations. For Carobbio, Conte was also aware of combine for the challenge Albinoleffe-Siena, 29 May 2011 (1-0 result for the Bergamo team). “It makes me smile just thinking that my ex-manager may have agreed to draw or lose some race. No one as Conte thinks only of winning … ‘, in synthesis, the spontaneous peech of yesterday before the Prosecutor investigators of Siena  president, Massimo Mezzaroma. Who has vehemently denied any reconstruction made against him with Carlo Gervasoni, the other great repented of the scandal, then the same Carobbio (the prosecution has not yet found evidence such as to reinforce the assumption of direct responsibility of Siena) . 

Conte, this afternoon, is called to remove the charges against him. He is serene because is convinced of his own, complete, foreignness of the facts. Believes that there would be also grounds for personal bitterness: everything would arise from the Conte prohibition to the former Siena defender to stay close to his pregnant wife by skipping a game. Between the wife of Conte and that of Carobbio would have been born, then, a fight in public: even for this case, the technician defense pool  has provided Palazzi numerous witnesses. 

 source: La Stampa (by Guglielmo Buccheri)

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