Has given a show with the French Under-21 and the fifth appearance with the young transalpine scored his first goal. He did it in the prestigious friendly against England, opponent of the formation of Gigi Di Biagio at the next European in 2015 in the Czech Republic. Him and France there will not be because they have been incredibly eliminated by Sweden in the playoffs but the goal of the black and white talent, school of Paris Saint Germain, has completed the comeback started by Sanogo’s two goals after the English lead 2-0 and is a signal that in Turin held in high regard. Because Juve wanted him at all costs, have believed, and had no problem to put him straight into the first team squad to play him in case of need. We recall that Allegri has  launched him as a starter in the first league match of Juventus in Verona against Chievo.

His phrases. With the new move to 4-3-1-2, which can easily turn into a 4-3-3, the terrible French kid will have more chance to carve out the space:“I chose Juve because leaders Juventus have believed in me, and have wanted me the most, and I intend to repay their trust. Here in Turin I feel good, my teammates are wonderful and every day I learn something new. It ‘s true that in recent times I have not played much, but I’m not worried. I am working hard in training and I knew that I would have been able to find in this situation, where I have 10-15 minutes to prove my worth. The space I have to gain it, the coach is not there to do me a favor. But I have signed for five years and the goal that I set at the beginning of the season is to reach 15-20 appearances: I can still do it. I learned to be patient and do not feel so far away from Tevez, Llorente and all the other strikers. Allegri? The coach has seen that I was frustrated at times, we talked and calmed down. I’m young and I have to keep working. “

Hands off. Considering, in fact, that Coman has become the first alternative to Tevez-Llorente and Morata the leaders in Corso Galileo Ferraris have decided to reject the sender of the many requests that have come to market. these days. There are even some second-tier club in the Premier plus Empoli and Parma. The two companies Italian Serie A have expressed their willingness to guarantee a starting spot to the boy and then make him play with a certain continuity.

The confirmation. Beppe Marotta, more than once, said Coman needs to play. Obviously not as a starter but needs to not lose confidence in the field. He thinks so even Allegri does not waste time: often he gives him space as a substitute. Like against Parma where the boy gave the show serving in twenty minutes, two winning assists for Morata. When used never disappoints.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Kingsley Coman is in Turin

The contract was filed in the football league already June 30, but is now also the official arrived from Juventus: Kingsley Coman is a new player of Juventus with whom he signed a five-year contract. The 18-year-old French midfielder, born in Paris on 13 June 1996, began life at the US …