Coman the Barbarian! Art work created by PnP for
Coman the Barbarian! Art work created by PnP for

TURIN – Do you remember the Next Generation? It was the first release of the Youth League or the Champions for Youth teams. Juventus must thank to the people the one if now one can enjoy Kingsley Coman, who crosses his fate with that of Juventus on September 12, 2012 at the stadium Moccagatta of Alexandria: Juventus – PSG 2-0, but Coman is one of the best. For Paratici not a total novelty, because he had noticed the boy in other tournaments and when, December 19, in the second leg finished 2-2, scores also a goal to Juventus Primavera, sporting director remains permanently struck. He then began a silent and slow encirclement maneuver that brings the boy to not renew the contract with the Parisians (where he plays since 9 years old) and the subsequent move to Juventus on a free transfer last July.

TENSE NERVES – A bang just like Pogba, who has more than a little unnerved PSG, perfectly aware of the value of Coman, the youngest debutant in the club 16 years, 8 months and 4 days. To send him to the field, that time, was Carletto Ancelotti who had recommended to the company both him and Rabiot, the other golden boy of the PSG that Juventus has long courted. But the passage of Coman has cooled, if not frozen relations between the two clubs.

JOLLY – Meanwhile, Allegri enjoys Coman, 18 years old last June, that comes with the tag of eclectic midfielder, but is evolving as a second striker or attacking midfielder. On the other hand has everything: running, technique and sense of goal (as he showed last night), but above maturity. “He played like a veteran, without being intimidated or be pressured,” said of him the coach after his debut at the first day of the season against Chievo in Verona. From then on, however, Coman has had very little chance, up to the challenge of the Italian Cup which raised and refreshed him (the many benches were demoralizing him).

OWNER? – The potential of the boy are endless, but as happened with Pogba, of which is following the footsteps, it would be important to see more of him in the field, further to measure the width football and also to see if he is ready to be a holder of the next season.

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