Claudio Zuliani is the face, the voice and the heart of “national-popular” Juventus. The most popular because daily is close to all of us the Bianconeri. The more natural, or more genuine. And just so simple and straightforward as only he can be, the newscaster-commentator analyzes with us and for us the moment of Juve. And most importantly, the time Farsopoli: in this regard are the personal experiences and questions of the reporter (not too rhetorical) … 

 Claudio, thank you. We start with a general thought about the beginning of the season for Juventus … where it can really get this team? 
“Juve have started with the fourth chance, thanks to the hard work in the summer imposed by Conte and the advantage of being able to prepare in the week the games. There are situations in a game in progress but already show the path of a team found in the personality and ideas. After a start too offensive, the coach has adjusted the team finding the ideal balance with Chiellini on the left, three midfielders and the fixed striker assisted by Pepe and Vucinic as wingers. Where can get, I do not know: certainly among the top three if everything works the right way and not take over setbacks “. 

 Listen, what’s missing to Vucinic to become a top player?
 “Mirko is a modern striker who has technique, creativity, and physical. He has never been a big scorer in the apart in the historic season at Lecce and, if he wants to play a pure Striker, needs to improve. He needs confidence and continuity. To become a top must concentrate for 90 minutes and not disappear from the field for long stretches of the game. “Confess: what did you think (and said) when Rizzoli did not allow the penalty-kick of Marchisio in prescriti-Juventus ?”That we are different from others, and we don’t jump all into the field with the bench to protest.”

 Your views on the Quagliarella situation: wait for him, or sell him … What is your feeling on an emotional level: How would you do on this situation? 
“Fabio is a coming from the first serious injury of his career and is human that in the head to pass many negative thoughts when you see the oposition approaching. I see him still hesitant in some phases of training, as if in search of numbers to prove himself to be still in shape. I would take patience, one as Quagliarella in a this module of Juve would fit wonderfully. “

Separate discussion. We would like your monologue post-sentence of Naples. 
“One morning in 2006 I woke up and I leafed through the papers. I jumped from the chair because they were full of interceptions that concerned Luciano Moggi. I can not believe, I said to myself. Then slowly, looking at things with each passing day, I started to study and understand. Why are they writing books and sell them? Because are the titles guilty even before the trial? I passed the stage of digestion, I found to follow Juventus on the fields of series B.
The opponent coaches did not prepared match, but the press conference where they gave the game to lose, the players tried to get the Del Piero mesh, television created events dedicated to the younger league, the stadiums were packed, to Crotone they pretended hospital visits to see Juventus from the terrace of the clinic, in Frosinone lied in wait on balconies, in Treviso a porn star turned to the stadium to promote himself, in Rimini could not be seated all the journalists in tow.The passion for Juve was overwhelming and worthy of study, and then under the reading of the cards to find the truth that these fans deserve.
The more I read the calls with mind at cold, the more I wondered: where is the dome(Cupola)? At the trial of Naples (the real one) witnesses called by the prosecution have disassembled themselves, the theorems on targeted yellow cards have been put in question after the vision of schedules, any associates are gradually disappearing with the acquittals, a Court of the Italian Republic has filed the Paparesta fact because “there is”, another that said the draw was ok. Despite all this came the conviction at first instance that seems to have even considered the foreign sim. Juventus was acquitted … I do not understand anything, or, perhaps, too, I understood to much and I keep it for me: all that remains is to wait for the appeal with confidence. “

 by: Romeo Agresti source:
adapted by: Mike Prise