The editors of Tuttojuve contacted Claudio Zuliani, now our dear guest and a number one voice of Juventus tifoso. 
Hello Claudio, a very warm welcome from, we bother you more often now. We begin where we left Juventus-Milan, agreed that the primacy of gender was seen only in a of Milan-Juventus ….of tennis .. 
“Beyond the final score reminded me of a derby with Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi when someone told Virdis: enough, just do not rage ….” 
What has impressed you most with Milan, their demerits or we really are on the right track? 
“Milan, no doubt, came to Turin full of problems but we have expressed a great game made from ​​double, pressing high and exchanges in the Strait with great speed. I remember the Rossoneri ‘friends’ Juventus went down at the San Siro with 8 injured and Krasic disqualified from the trial TV but won anyway. ” 
Marchisio: more Gerrard, more Tardelli, or simply Claudio Marchisio? 
“Simply Claudio Marchisio. I still remember a Napoli-Juventus with Paro and Marchisio starters. Who knew primavera was not following much more Paro (who then had serious physical problems and only now is emerging back to the football that counts) and seeing Marchisio play, said: ‘Who is that Gerrard?’. Claudio was able to climb all the steps of the ladder of football without accelerating the path. Well at Empoli in Serie B, then the years of apprenticeship to Juve, more often out of role. Today he enjoys the confidence of his coach at Juventus and in the National, is proving his worth. My prediction is that he will be pallone d’oro before the age of 30 years. ” 
The league is offering a rewriting Giovinco, what do you think of the “atomic ant”? 
“Sebastian has had a few more problems for the simple fact that for a second striker or attacking midfielder like him, have in front of the totem is penalizing. He played a little and in the ups and downs of Juventus and, for his own good, it was decided to make him play starter in Parma. At year end we will pull the strings. I remember that Giovinco is still half of Juventus. ” 
We move from Parma to Verona, Chievo kills the big, last year lost two points in the recovery time in ten men,what game will be? 
“Much more complicated than that against Milan. Chievo prepares the game, like us, for over a week and does not give the same attention that comes naturally to you during a big match. Moreover, in recent seasons, proved to be the trickiest team to face Juventus, often has been a crossroads for our bad season. ” 
Verona is the city of the Arena we better see a “cello”, Eta Beta, or other? 
“I hope it is finally the opportunity to launch Estigarribia which all speak to me as a phenomenon but I saw him play only in America’s Cup.” 
Against Milan we saw a great Juve lined with Pirlo in front of the defense, Marchisio and Vidal support, Krasic and Pep on the wings and a lone striker Vucinic. Do you think Conte will insist on this formula, or revert to 4-2-4?
“I think Conte will use the two modules depending on the opponents and period of shape of men available.In Verona, I am inclined to believe that a return to 4-2-4 to embarrass Chievo attacked in her mid-field. ” 
Better defense on the left with Chiellini and Barzagli-Bonucci in the middle, or, would be best to restore Chiellini in the middle and revive De Ceglie and Grosso on the left? 
“I prefer the first solution that allows you to have Giorgio on the face to create danger ahead and at the same time, have three central defenders on the defensive line.” 
We range on the market: we talk about Tevez, Rhodolfo, Contento, of Cissokho. What do you prefer and most importantly who will be useful? 
“I would prefer to raise all the players available that have not been able to be yet useful, in particular Quagliarella. Of the names that you did the best would be Tevez but I wonder where you get the money for the card (35-45 million) and for his engagement that is outside the Bianconeri parameters . ” 
 These days there have multiplied the rumors about a possible departure of Milos Krasic as early as January. There is talk of a player in crisis, divorced from the scheme of Conte. What idea you have of this case or pseudo-case? If you were to give advice to senior management? 
“Milos is unconventional because he has never been used to make the defensive phase and thinks that the diagonal is a geometric figure. We also groped to teach him to defend and recover him because he might be useful to the cause. If he’s a losing battle we better sell him to the highest bidder. ” 
 We leave the market and conclude with an eye in the house of others: the crisis of milan teams: in favor of the prescriti conspiracy theory? 
“When you lose in milan there is only one word: conspiracy. When you win is the most beautiful and regular championship of the world.” 
 Finally, a little question that you know would come. Monday there was the TNAs, another delay. What do you think of Moratti words to the Corriere dello Sport that is “ugly, that Juventus denounces Inter and Federation to Uefa”
 “It ‘s also very ugly stalk, spy and eavesdrop on people without finding anything.” 
 We’ll leave you bringing you the thanks of our readers as you do in defense of Juventus on TV, on your facebook page and, see you soon. 
“Thanks to you all, fino alla fine forza Juve .. in goal!”
 by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise