Principino be sure I still have the voice to shout out LOUD on your goals, so keep scoring… 

The editors of Tuttojuve have interviewed Claudio Zuliani, Juve’s number one voice, in the days before the restart of the league, to ask an opinion on the beginning of the second half of the season and on new transfers possible and real. 

Welcome back, Claudio. Start of the calciomercato, start from here: has come Borriello, how would you rate the operation? 
“From an economic standpoint it seems to me a good operation, from technical point of view it adds a striker that would provide more power in the penalty area. The competition, if you want to become a great team, must be on the agenda and can only do well. The guarantee of a fair use is on the bench by Antonio Conte. If he has chosen what you want to say but … good choice. ” 

It is the name of Caceres for the defense, do you think is right reinforcement or would be better to have a pure central defender on role? 
“Considering the cost of a central defender which makes the difference and the fact that it is difficult to be in market in January, Caceres would be a welcome solution: he knows the environment, can juggle all the roles of defense, has recovered from his groin that had prevented his transfer and is recovering from a season of great confirmation. ” 

For the midfield, Pizarro could come from Rome. The Chilean may be the right man or would you prefer other solutions. 
“It would be acceptable given the conditions of transfer (loan, ed) and his technical characteristics that make Chilean the perfect alter-ego of Pirlo.” 

In these days, Juventus was in Dubai, and it worked hard, will be able to avoid the false start of last year? 
“I think the false starts of the past seasons are the result of bad luck, injuries and underestimation of winter work. From this point of view we have the usual warranty: Conte does not leave anything to chance and made them work properly.” 

What are the pitfalls of the game in Puglia?
“The usual start of the year: The return after the holidays with the head concentrated on other matters , tback from the competitive point of view and the underestimation of the opponents. Lecce is a time of serious difficulties and must be very careful but I have no doubts that our lads will be immediately on the piece. ” 

There are three games missing at the halfway point and many speak two challenge, do you think will be Milan-Juve or you believe other teams in the game? M***A with Tevez could return to the game? 
“At the end AC Milan is the great favorite of the tournament. If luck helps us in terms of injuries and incidents Juve will fight shoulder to shoulder until the final straight.” 

Last question, what could be the Juventus man in 2012, can you say? The 2012 is a leap year and February as well enjoys the day number 29. 
“If a new transfer takes the jersey number 29 it will be his year.” 

adapted by: Mike Prise