Napoli is his toy, but rarely moves in person for mercato issues. This time, however, he could not help it, to get Matri the President of the Naples-Aurelio De Laurentiis has bothered  in person. Writes it the Gazzetta dello Sport

Aurelio De Laurentiis has moved directly for Alessandro Matri. And tore a half yes from Juventus. Now it is up to the attacker of Juventus have his say to consider the deal in the pipeline. After beating the slopes of Jackson Martinez of Porto of Cagliari and Victor Ibarbo, the President of Naples broke the ice with the Italian champions and called Beppe Marotta to deal with the signing of striker who had attracted the attentions of the blues even before the assault on Gonzalo Higuain.

The blitz of the owner of Campanians took place Friday and has left its mark. Juventus asks 15 million for Matri, but the Campanian proposal is one of the important ones: close to 12 million. So the agreement is more than handy. But before going into details, the two clubs have chosen to consult the player. So yesterday, after returning from the tour of the United States, the center forward of Lodi was informed of important developments on the horizon. For weeks now we talked about that possibility, but there was never a contact so direct. And at a high level. So now the going gets tough and the player is required to make a major decision for his career.