Sensational rumors coming from the portal Tuttomercatoweb. In an editorial of Enzo Bucchioni, director of QS, reveals a truth that can demolish the balance of Bianconeri dressing room.

Since last spring when we began to talk about the intents of Conte for this season, we wrote what was coming “whispered” from Juventus. We knew that, in substance. The truth is this: Conte has not opposed to the eventual sale of Pirlo to Real Madrid when the Spanish have done a survey. Had in mind a different Juventus, much more dynamic, no longer tied to a regista although very good as Pirlo.

Let’s face it, some players have never made him crazy perhaps because as a player he had to mark many like him. The precedence experiences (Bari and Siena especially) played in a different way, perhaps closer to his philosophy. However Pirlo in the two years at Juventus has been instrumental and Conte knows that. He simply began to fear that the age and too many games (including national) could slow him down.

And so Pirlo stayed, but Conte has decided that this year between the Champions League and the league, a player of 34 years as the former Rossoneri would not play all the games. The scientific turn-over with a lot of playing time is provided for all. A different philosophy compared to previous seasons when the Juventus coach did play almost always the same. To Pirlo being replaced or end up on the bench doesn’t like not evenon the friendlies and Conte, if he will not stop again with his teammates on the bench after the substitutions, will put him out of the team for a month.Him like any other Juventus players allergic to replacements.

Yesterday, surprisingly, came the statement of John Elkann in defense of midfielder. Saying “someone like him will never go away from Juve” in such a delicate moment means to embarrass the coach in the locker room. A “blow” that Conte was not expecting. But that Conte is not happy with transfer market and has criticized Elkann and this definitely came to the ear of the President of Fiat.

This is his indirect answer. Among other things, some “senators” took the defense of Pirlo for further complicate the situation. How will it end? I would not bet a penny on the permanence of Conte as coach of Juventus next season. The company, as anticipated, has already contacted Prandelli, but a survey was done for Mancini, who, among other things, has confessed to having always supported Juventus.