“I heard these days, on the web and TV, a voice – personally – I find it very annoying: the departure in Next summer of Arturo Vidal, destination Bayern Munich. There had already asked this past summer, and we told  the no. With the arrival of Guardiola in Bavaria there are trying again. The offer would be around 30 million, money with which you buy today (perhaps) a Top. Or a couple of players of a good standard. I hear around that many would well prepared to open negotiations with the Bavarian ‘because – claim – so much we have Pogba.’ So … maybe someone has not yet realized that this is not a perfect Juventus but a good team but still improvable.

We’re not talking about the Juventus of Lippi or Capello, stuffed with champions and able to compete at the highest levels on every front. Moggi sold, it is true, the samples, but to replace them with other stronger. Conte’s Juventus is a team in becoming, a team that needs more quality grafts to increase its strength. So, for a rose like the present one is not exempt but it adds. Have not we always said that the current Juventus midfield is one of the best in Europe with Pirlo, Marchisio and Vidal? What do we do, we give Arturo to the Germans? That are already strong and become even stronger? You think it logical?

Then I say one thing: if we accept the offer from Bayern we would be really of poor *. I swear if Marotta and Agnelli make such a thing, I will take a sabbatical year from Juventus fan and I will not look for a whole season matches of Juventus, because would mean wanting to smash everything and ruin a new project which is going great. Do you realize what it means to have in the middle of the field one like Arturo Vidal?????? So much stuff. But if someone does not get it I do not know what to do, means that it is dull, blind, irresponsible, and I can not explain it, because I would not know how. “