The night brought counsel, Juventus last night was white as a positive and beautiful clear skies, but also black and dark. A team that showed beautiful things but also blunders. Calmly reviewing the game we noticed that from the goal of Matri on, Juventus has not risked anything, except the cross of Merkel. After the goal of Caracciolo was disunited. In any case, the team seemed prepared and ready, master of the field and missed once again only the knockout blow, as with the Bologna game marked by episodes. 

Here the errors were double but different. The first goal of Genoa, unfortunately Giorgio has lost Marco Rossi, on the second goal, however, is the good closure of Bonucci, but Storari who loses time and the heron flies in the sky. After that goal we have seen the worst things because Genoa has created more in those 7 minutes then in the whole match. Positive note of the evening, il Chelo, white. Estigarribia showed pretty good run and cross. We are at first but we have seen a good player, which could become important. Today, the black and white sky has some clouds, but from Tuesday because of Chelo, the situation could change.