Yesterday in Turin were happy, very happy. The qualification Champions is an early Christmas present for quite a number of people.

Firstly Beppe Marotta will increase, and justify the budget for January. Two games more, hoping can be more, require, at least an adjustment offensive and of the left-wing of value.

Second is glad the company will increase its economic value and consolidated its European ranking. Now comes the fun but having eliminated Chelsea is a pretty good card, especially in the Asian market where Chelsea is very popular.

Another important element is the development of the rose which increases in value and becomes potentially attractive.

But we pass the numbers, here is how much it is qualification.

It starts from 910.3 million euro of which 500.7 fixed premiums which will be distributed according to the results. 409.6 million will instead be divided according to the “market pool”, which in this case will be divided between Juventus and Milan, Italy having no other participants in the group. Juve might be due to a number that ranges from 10 to 20 million.

We analyze how much Juventus has gain until now:

The participants in the group stage matches are from a base of 8.6 million, to which must be added 1 million per win and € 500,000 for draw.

Juventus got 3 wins (Chelsea, Shakhtar, Nordsjælland) and three draws with the same teams.

In total, then 3 million: 3 wins, and 1.5 million: 3 draws.

The second round will gain about 3.5 million.

Should be considered the approximately 5 million from tickets from the existing and the other 2 of the second round.

The total is then about 23 million to which to add about 20 TV rights. A treasury of about forty million.

Juventus dreams, because if it were to pass the next rounds could increase by 3.9 million in the quarter, 4.9 in the semifinals. The path to the final expected 6.5 million for the loser and the winner 10.5. This, not to mention the “market pool” that can allow you to double the share of starting revenue by box office and increase in value brand and of rose.

Juventus dreams, in any case, compared to the past, it is already a success.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan