The last time when we were in UCL, we were a joke! In this fall will see a Different JUVENTUS!

TURIN, April 3, 2012 – It thinking about it is no sin. Indeed, it is only right because with 14 points over Napoli, the fourthin the standings Juventus have put in the safe participation in next season’s Champions League. The math does not yet certifies, but it seems unrealistic to think that the team of Conte, launched in the pursuit of AC Milan much to the lost two points last weekend, a similar advantage may scatter. And the risk of preliminary seems remote given the distance (11 lengths) that separates it from Lazio, the third force in the league. 

SOFT IMPACT So Juventus looks ahead to the Champions League in Turin’s missing from the 2009-10 season, when the Bianconeri were eliminated in the group stage by Bayern Monaco and Bordeaux. Other times, other leaders, other team and other reasons. Now the men of Conte can not wait to return to the main entrance to Europe Olympus. But the Champions League might hold not only the many joys, to the economy, but also some concern that the impact will not be soft. Juventus pay because of lean years at the European level (the last season, for example, even when it has not passed the group stage of Europe League) that have dragged the 42th place in the Uefa rankings. Certainly not the top, where it resides permanently the Barcelona, followed by Manchester United and Chelsea, namely the protagonists of the recent history of the Champions. 

URNS AND DRAW With a score of 46.97, the Bianconeri are positioned between Anderlecht and Copenhagen. Big European decayed and extras, but can’t be otherwise because the coefficients take into consideration the results of the past five European years, when Juventus has just returned in Serie A and did not participate in the cups and then did not exceed the threshold of eighths. Just the position is binding and is likely to project the team in the third or fourth urn. The participants in the Champions are in fact 32 at the time of the draw will be divided into four the polls from which shall fish to form eight groups. In the first urn finish teams higher in the ranking (as shown in table on the right, this classification would be Barcelona, Manchester, Chelsea, perhaps, Bayern Monaco, Real Madrid, Arsenal, not M***A, but Porto and Lyon, or Liverpool or Milan, according to final results), then gradually filling up to the last. And the danger that Juventus finish in a tough group, with two if not three big, is concrete. 

EXAMPLE NAPLES A little as happened this year to Naples seen the ranking, the team of Walter Mazzarri was found the fourth in the urn and has happened to a circle of hell, along with Manchester City, Villarreal and Bayern Monaco. Already touted to date, the classic bearing team that makes a tour of Europe and then salutes , the Naples of the three tenors overturned all predictions overcoming the turn, driven by the force of will and desire of Europe but in the long run paid in League the weariness of the Champions, then going to surrender to Di Matteo’s Chelsea in the second round.
REINFORCEMENT Juventus which returns in Champions must follow the positive example of Naples, but without committing the same mistakes: Beppe Marotta has already ensured that the rose will be reinforced in every department as will serve other champions but also soldiers to the height, and a bench long to address three competitions. But after a year of fasting, is a problem that Conte wanted to face this season. Not to underestimate the economic aspect because the Champions finally brings new revenue into the bianconere coffers. Participating in the Champions means to perceive from UEFA something like 8 million, a win gives the club a further 800 thousand euros, the passage to the knockout is another check for about three million, without considering the income from a scream sales booth out of Juventus Stadium, especially if the group will have opponents of great appeal, is the armature of merchandising. In short, the thrill of Champions is unique for the show and for your wallet. 

source: Tuttosport (by Marina Salvetti) 
adapted by: Mike Prise