In our last meeting, you were very quiet! I wonder why? Oh yes it was because of your fatigue from the UCL. My bad!

Knows how to score goals for the Champions League and has the right hunger for Conte 
Cavani is the perfect man for Conte: has technical characteristics, physical and mental, which perfectly fit the needs of the technician. Not only that in these last two seasons has also gained the right experience to be in a top team in the Italian league and has tasted the atmosphere of Champions League, proving he does not bear it at all. He is ‘a international striker who earns still as a Europe League striker might be tempted by the quality economic jump and, especially, has a hunger for victories of which from now on must be completely equipped with the Bianconeri
He is an operation of 40 million. Would limit other purchases 
Cavani is the imperfect man for Beppe Marotta: the deal with De Laurentiis could become bloody in economic terms. The request of Naples might be starting from 50 million and the inclusion of technical counterparts would be surely complicated. Juventus could face so a costly purchase (35/40 than a counterpart), but the risk would be to limit the budget for other purchases. Buying Cavani would be ideal to increase dramatically the attack, but it would remain little for the defender and, above all, the midfielder (who Conte wants a high-profile). 
source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato)
adapted by: Mike Prise