Necessarily have to start by saying that the data collected concerns eight Champions League matches (not 26-27) therefore don’t constitute such a representative sample, not so much.

Bayern Munchen lines up usually with a 4-2-3-1;

The four back from right to left are usually Lahm, Boateng, (Badstuber) Dante; Alaba;

In midfield, the two medians are Javi Martinez and Schweinsteiger (Kroos if one of the two is missing)

In the frontline alternate for 3 places Ribery, Robben, Muller, Kroos with the latter in the absence of Martinez and Schweinsteiger is set back on the median.

 In the attack  usually plays Mandzukic.

In the league, Bayern is a steamroller. In 25 games has scored 67 points the result of 21 wins, three draws and one defeat. 67 goals scored, 10 conceded. The gap on the second (Borussia Dortmund, not any team) is as much as 20 points. Missing nine Rounds at the end of the season, just totalizing 8 points to be mathematically champion. Could be champion even in two Rounds.

Huge advantage that will allow it to make extensive turnover before we met. We have the previous game the away match in Milan with Inter.

After Barcelona, is the team with the greater amount of game. The two median (Martinez and Schweinsteiger) modern players are good at both stages. Both great shooters, especially the German. Catches the eye an incredible figure related to Schweinsteiger, has carried a total of 19 contrasts (an average of 3.34 per game contrasts effective on 90 minutes) and wins them ALL. His “compare” Javi Martinez shows great tactical sense, having intercepted some 30 balls “wandering”. Impressive number if you think that Bayern are a team of great possession (thus often has the ball at his feet) and more than 17% of the total team intercepted balls are his work. Percentage incredible for a midfielder. Usually these averages are more to defenders. Therefore attention to fast “breaks” that may start from these recovered balls and offered from time to time to Ribery, to Robben, to Kroos.

The quality of Ribery, Robben, Kroos, Muller, all players who combine technique and speed, it certainly can not make us not worry. In contrast to the championship Manzdukic scored a little. One goal of the 18 team (the team with the highest number of scoring in the Champions League on a par with Real Madrid). Muller and Kroos in particular are also players of “substance.” Respectively with 14 and 13 contrasts are made ​​just behind Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez (19). Kroos has won as much as 12 contrasts of 13, Muller 12 of 14. This makes it clear how they are a team that gets the ball “high”. Attention therefore how to manage the ball with Pirlo and Bonucci at beginning of action.

According to the shots on target, the shooters are more frequent in the order Kroos (10 shots ), Muller (9), Robben, Schweinsteiger (6) and by little others.

Among the assists stands out Lahm, who as fullback and captain of the Bavarians, has given 4 balls then turned into goals.

Bayern Munchen is the team that makes the most crosses of all Champions. To be exact, 242. More then Galatasaray (188), Real (180). With 49 cross, Kroos (pardon the unintentional pun) guide this particular ranking (to be considered that are also considered cross balls stopped). Follow suit Lahm (39), Muller (28) and Ribery (25).

These numbers may also have a “negative” reading. Not always crossing is an indication of quality of play. Often just when the maneuver gets “aground” is used to cross.

Although comparing the same amount of cross  to attack passes we are made ​​about 10%. To make a report, the figure is 3.43% for Barcelona.

I personally think that the variety of gaming solutions (including cross) of Bayern Munchen is potentially a deadly weapon. Not surprisingly, the British bookmakers that “profit from” on the statistics consider the Bavarian favorites to win the final.

by: Fabio Franco