Carlo Nesti is giving us his thoughts about the moment that our Juve is living.
Juventus has graduate against any prognostic as “winter Champions”, a result which is not the son of randomness. Carlo Nesti shows the main reasons of the black and white primacy : 

“Here they are, in my opinion, the ‘7 wonders’ behind Juve’s winter title, namely the main reasons for the growth of the team – said the journalist to – . 

1) the motivations, quite extraordinary, transmitted by Conte and the environment. 

2) the transition of Conte, no more “fundamentalist”, from 4-2-4 to 4-3-3. 

3) the arrival of Pirlo, the first “key” of the ball possession, imposed everywhere. 

4) the opportunity to train, even heavily, without European Cups. 

5) the boost of the fans, the new stadium in English, only one in Italy. 

6) the ability to attack and defend in 11 in 11, including strikers. 

7) being unbeaten for 19 rounds, which enhances the collective phase of coverage. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise