CARLOS-TEVEZ-FUERTE-APACHECarlitos Tevez, the king of Serie A

The number one of Italian football. A search of the Panini Digital, which has been delivered to the League, honored him the best player in Serie A for quantitative contribution. Goals, assists, captured balls, shots on goal. Everything and more. Nobody like him and better than him. Fourteen goals: thirteen in the league plus one Italian Super Cup. Better than Higuain, Balotelli and all other star players in the league. This clearly shows that Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta led to Turin a champion that makes the difference.

And so the Argentine has become the team man of the Italian champions, the only player that Antonio Conte can not do without. Because the Apache does it all. Defends and attacks. Goes back, among other things, to catch balls in midfield that transforms into offensive actions. It cuts the field with a disconcerting ease.

And finally the shirt number ten, what was of Alessandro Del Piero, the unforgettable Juventus champion, one who drew the most beautiful pages of Juventus history. It ‘went on his shoulders and could not be worn by better player. Another challenge his, the most important. And delicate. And the same Alex from Australia applauded him. A handover that the fans have accepted with great enthusiasm.