Carlitos Tevez has told of his present and his future. The present is all black and white and is a present that will last for the next sixteen months. A present that will be done on the run, sweat, hard work and a great desire to win.

We do not know how many and which trophies will win again Tevez, but we know that will play every game as if they were the last of his life, played every minute as if it were the ninetieth and will continue to spare no effort as he did from the first moment in the zebra jersey .

A champion, Carlitos Tevez, able to remember that number TEN from Del Piero, but also of his origins, which are at Boca, where among sixteen months will return. Clear agreements for Tevez who had said that just arrived at Juventus would do three years and three will, no ifs, ands or buts. There will be no surprises, and the rest the Apache ‘is one who does not speak at random and he never did.

Juventus knew, the fans knew, the only one who did not know was who wanted to create an event. For the people of the Old Lady the opportunity to admire Carlitos for another sixteen months and then tell him thanks for everything, aware that his desire to win in this period will be immense.

adapted by Mike source tuttojuve