What is a capital increase?
An extraordinary act of amending the equity

When and by whom those who can subscribe?

In mid-November after the general meeting of shareholders will be signed by those have Juve shares

How many small shareholders and what is their share?
There are forty thousands shareholders holding a 32.5 share of the package.Their  recapitalization share is 39 million 

What will be done the shares not subscribed?

Will be underwritten by the underwriting syndicate that can be put on the market and can be purchased by investors.

The five-year plan indicates that the increase will be divided into 5 parts? 

No, it will be split at the discretion of management, and it is likely that this year will be spending a significant portion of it

The plan speaks of individual names to buy?

No, we speak in general guidelines rejuvenation of the Team, top player etc. ..

There are sports explicit objectives?
Only the Champions League is listed as “duty, it is understood that the goal is to win back a trophy

Why the loan of 70mil was signed by Exor and not by a bank?

Not to make a bank to earn interest.

How much will the interests be if Juve will spend all 70 mil?

1.05 million euros.

To offset the deficit of the next budget will be used the 70 million of the loan?
No, Juve has capital resources amounting to 70 million euros, to cover the liabilities of 60 million so not even the social capital will be touched (20 mil)

by tuttosport adapted by Mike Prise