Agnelli+Moggi.jpgCalciopoli Special. The great deceit orchestrated in 2006 (now it’s time to tell the truth!)

The criminal trial currently under way in Naples has had its turning point in April 2010. The output of a series of “new” phone calls surfaced thanks to the work of defence, although initially had the effect of galvanising the bianconeri fans forced to suffer for too long the moral of the Inter fans, so has led to some media (not all) to wake up from sleep and bear on a process that was done in oblivion, but also has had the “side” effect probably too distracted attention from the sports judgements in 2006, and shamefully unjust in part, to open the doors of “gossip”, always looking for “new phone calls”, more and more beautiful, more and more spicy. “Did you hear the latest one of Facchetti?” “And Moratti with Bergamo?” “Collina-Meani did you hear that?” “Revenge”, in a sense. The defeat of the hypocrisy of the world of football. Beware, though: remember to trombone friends with the phone calls like “I could not ask this, because you were not able” Giacinto Facchetti, are a good and a just thing, as it was that Juventus complaint to the Football Federation asking for equal treatment. Now, however, this phase is completed, it would be good to step back, get back with the mind to the judgements of 2006 and, once and for all, finally justice be done.
Before we even ask the punishment for those who escaped, in short, we should regain our dignity. And this comes primarily from a correct information, then an understanding of what happened in 2006 and, finally, inevitably (and inevitably it will be “weighted”), the desire by the Juventus Club to fight for their own history. What has made responsible Moggi by Sports Justice? We begin to revive the judgements sports. It ‘easy to demonstrate not only how it was all a farce, but even then they had available information to formulate different objections, more “right”. Not even having the phone calls “di Penta”.
    The first indictment was about violation of a series of art. 1, which as a consequence had resulted (as the sum, we could sum up with a joke which is not so far from reality) and the violation of art. 6 which were designed to ensure benefits to Juventus. Based on the principle that sporting fraud is a crime to drink early, then regardless of whether this advantage in the ranking has occurred or not, the complained unfair acts were: exclusive relationship with designator, private meetings (the famous “dinners”) with designator, have interfered in the grids and the appointment of referees and assistants in order to obtain benefits for Juve and disadvantages for others, having made gifts to the nominators, having maintained daily confidential telephone communications, having made unfair use of the media, threatened in some phone calls to impose sanctions to the referees. All this is enclosed in the grounds of CAF and determining the famous “illegal structure”. CAF writes that the facts proved above were fit to determine a situation of inequality between Juventus and the other teams. From that material alone, and I underline alone, Juventus has exerted influence on the refereeing likely to undermine the impartiality in the manner which we have already said.
    But how can we accept such an accusation? How can they argue such that Luciano Moggi had a “special relationship” with the arbitration world when was the only football manager intercepted? (For pure logic: to make such statements you would have to catch-all managers and only then make a “ranking” of more and less. If you only intercept Moggi the first and only place is Moggi, no doubt, right?). But it is not only logical inference that can support: the only other “rival” manager (a big) intercepted (from Inter they have not intercept anyone, not even from Rome, and it is also with them that Juventus has played for the Scudetto in those years ..), is Milan’s Leonardo Meani assigned with the referees, who in only two months in daily telephone activities has had relations with active referees (among others: De Santis, Morganti, Nucini, Rodomonti, Racalbuto, Collina , Messina and Paparesta: Is somebody missing?), assistants (Copelli, Contini, Puglisi, Babini, Stagnoli and Titomanlio), designator (Bergamo, Pairetto and Mazzei, triplet), members of CAN (the “canary” Martino), AIA leaders (the President Lanese) and observers (Guidi and D’Addato, recommended to Lanese). And, we should understand that, those are not “ignored” phone-calls or emerged through the work of the defence: I am referring exclusively to the same investigators who have summarized information from January 2006. Basically all materials was already in the hands of head office of investigations, Borrelli and the attorney, Palazzi, who also had a statement in black and white from Bergamo who confessed that he had frequent telephone conversations not only with Juventus leaders, but with so many other leaders as Meani, Facchetti, Sacchi, Capello, etc. .. It was not believed only, for example, only to read the cards they had available, they could easily see how, in two separate phone calls between Bergamo and Maria Grazia Fazi were talking about “recent calls from Moratti “(also referred to involving arbitration) and even a “reserved” dinner invitation from Facchetti (accepted). If we accept the call “emerged” from April 2010 onwards, we would see even the obvious, that to call Bergamo were the leaders of the newly promoted and – this is beautiful – also from the clubs that have formed a civil party in process underway in Naples and who in these days are demanding millionaire’s compensation.
    How can they – still – say that Luciano Moggi and Antonio Giraudo consolidate their privileged relationship with the referees designator through “secret” dinners (made in their homes, not with a sleeping bag in the middle of the Amazon forest) when we know from the same information that Adriano Galliani met in Meani restaurant, on the closing day (not to be seen) with the still working referee Collina, to decide together the strategies and possible future of the president of the League about the future predestined designator. And this was in the files, since January 2006. If the Juventus leaders had dinner at home of Bergamo with the two designator already completed their league horn, is called a strategically important meeting, and when a leader of Milan had dinner with Collina hiding from prying eyes is nothing? And please note: the dinner were made also by Facchetti as mentioned above (and Bergamo went to Forte dei Marmi from Moratti, being called). From the questioning of witnesses (even of the prosecution, just to smile) in the process of Naples, finally, it was learned that to make it even private dinners was Parma, Tanzi and Sacchi and so, in general, could make everyone who asked. Where is the exclusivity or the gap between the opponents?
   To Moggi came the accusation of choosing referees or assistants or however interfere in the grids. And to use threatening tones with anyone who tried blocking his path. One thing at a time. We start from the second accusation: After the defeat with Siena in April 2005, Leonardo Meani telephones the designator Mazzei and verbally attacks him with the phrase “Now you have to say to them (to Bergamo and Pairetto, ed) to be very careful, because Galliani is furious“. And again: “Reports from now on not to make mistakes as a dick because (Galliani, ed) is furious, and so Wednesday try to send two smart ones..”. “Be careful because he is super poisoned”. And the two have so much fear to anger the president of the League and possible support for their re candidature, which at the express request of the AC Milan manager for the next Wednesday to designate the linesman (Milan ultras) Puglisi, doing something very embarrassing: change a already announced official designation. The gesture – a shot to article 6 as well certified by the sports judgements – causes the laughter of Collina disbelief, who “sent to hell” Meani (“was enough to raise your voice” ) formal notice, if it was really to become one day designator, to never do these things with him. Again also in this case, the reference about the information of the Police: phone calls notes and judged by the same sports justice. But this, the most dramatic, is just one example of the influence of Meani. In a phone call from 1 April with the assistant Contini, in fact, the Rossoneri manager accomplish to be successful, despite being the fourth time (although he had already reached the games limit), to designate him for Milan-Brescia. It said he had “frightened” Mazzei threatening not to appoint assistant Pisacreta anymore “Otherwise Galliani is getting angry.” Sports judges were sleeping in their courts in this case. And there are many other examples (well once in a lifetime of curiosity should be read, the information). If Meani is angry, then Galliani is angry, this is the threat. As to the explicit requests, except from Moggi who had never specifically asked a referee if not for the friendly matches, there are again examples of other leaders who expressly ask for a “man of confidence”. Has become famous since April 2010, the case of the Inter’s president Facchetti that “asks to Collina” (Note to the ignorant on the subject: no mention of the irrelevant phone call with Bergamo, but that of the previous day with Mazzei) in the match against Juventus, even at the cost of falsify the grid and also the draw (what “number” we want to give something like that? Article 1? 6? 3 as a media? You do the math). But that is a “new” phone call, you will say, but incredibly ignored by investigators. It should be taken into account, of course. Fault of Police that “were not interested” in illegal issues of Inter (see statements: Rosario Coppola). But from the same information come similar examples. In the first phone call cited between Meani and Mazzei, in fact, the first “Orders” to the second: “So let me see how you send him to me on Wednesday.” “Wednesday send me Puglisi and I will wake someone!” Without this please. And this what it is if not a clear interference in the free choices (the assistants were appointed) of Bergamo and Pairetto? Again: in another phone-call Bergamo – Meani, Meani says not to send Ivaldi and Pisacreta, Bergamo asks Meani how they liked Stagnoli, Meani replied that he was fine but told him if he wants to bring someone that is with them and with whom went well he can put Ambrosino or Stagnoli, Bergamo asks about Ayroldi and finally decide to go with Stagnoli and Ayroldi. And then is Moggi who was asking assistants…. Unless you want to insinuate that Moggi did always that in secret. This can be done, but there is not a shred of evidence.
   The Swiss Sims? Yeah, who knows what was being said between Moggi and designators … right? What was said? We know that. There is a phone call where Bergamo by mistake calls on Moggi Swiss sim from his home phone, making it detectable the foreign sim number and allowing the Carabinieri, who were intercepting the home phone, to listen – extraordinary document – a call where Moggi is convinced not to be intercepted. It’s the famous “mother of all phone calls”: the grid (it is a, eh, not one hundred …). One expects the overwhelming evidence, the classic offense, the “magheggi” and the filth.. Yet Moggi in spite off all, what does he do? It does not say: “Dear comrade cupolaro Bergamo Sunday rigged the draw and send me the referee X! “ No. Like a good schoolboy offers (literally) to Bergamo, a grid (“I would have thought,” if it is all right with you “,” what do you say? “,” I do not know, eh! Then you see “) that were designed to see whether it could be a good solution. Proposes five names from which three “fixed”, that they could not enter (international referees), Bergamo two bowls him (Bergamo’s famous obedience ..), replace them with two others chosen by him and (the usual fortune of Moggi) out of lottery comes out an official that obviously was not proposed by Moggi! Same thing happened with the assistants. But about grids discussed all from Cellino to Meani. Here, is Meani. In a phone call to Bergamo first asks who to put on the grid, with Bergamo telling him to have in mind to put three referees on the grid for that Sunday? Bergamo then tells Meani who can imagine who will be the next three of following Sunday, Meani doesn’t imagine … “Paparesta…. Collina … .. Trefoloni”, guessed all three of them (other than Moggi …). Then Meani recommended to Bergamo to do for Trefoloni “a nice little speech, if not we cut off his head “, just for you.
Then, for goodness sake… there were definitely “secret” calls, if we will call them (but they were interceptable, however, if they had known in time the phone numbers) but, returning to the premise, the question arises: how to define all the calls made by the football leaders not intercepted? Those between Galliani and Collina, for example, are not in their own way, “secret”? And those between Facchetti and Nucini are not in their own way “secret”? And those between Galliani and Paparesta also Galliani and Puglisi are not even those “secret”? And who knows how many phone “secret” calls were lost by not intercepting all the football leaders of Serie A. What has changed? Can it be based on an allegation that has never heard but could have been heard if you had been able to intercept phone calls? It is not a concept that should apply to everyone? The difference is that the Moggi they caught talking to Bergamo, and between each other without committing irregularities. The others they didn’t even want to investigate, keeping secret or not keeping relevant conversations that could potentially be.
Then there’s also another story, like parentheses. In ruling sentence that sent Juventus in B minus 2 League Titles, there is no reference to the “Swiss” conversations with the referees. And thank goodness, I might add! This means that on the one hand for “killing” us was not even necessary to pull out the unproven theory of attached cells (which makes it even more senseless, if possible, at all), the other is to say that a ad hoc sentence (it was called Calciopoli-2) against Moggi was there, just presided over by that dr. Judge Arctico who judged also on the Moggi radiation. And there are objective errors. In a passage is quoted: “The statements of Nucini who reported that a meeting with Moggi at Concorde Hotel in Turin and in the presence of Fabiani gave him a card, the above-mentioned foreign cards, in order to make him share of that system of confidential communication”. But, as it emerged from Naples, Nucini has twice insisted that he never received any foreign sim, but a Tim sim still packed, never opened (even if the evidence is clear as the Carabinieri had been active for 8-9 months, and then someone has yet to explain how it could be re-packed ..). This just like parentheses, because then for example the Commission itself writes the sentence “The relationship between Nucini and Facchetti have not been ascertained facts about it objectionable and therefore the exceptions made by Moggi defense seem completely irrelevant, “ and I think a giggle just run off, to all of you who are reading.

    Gifts. Yeah, we want to talk about the gifts? It’s enough just to listen to the intercepted phone calls (and the acts from 2006) of Meani, for example, to read about referees who “thank” for the thoughtful, or others who are asking for tickets or other different favors (referees, Martin, Lanese, etc. ..) or, even, of characters who are seated in a chair under the influence of Rossoneri. We know for example that Meani call Lanese, president of the AIA (in cupola in theory), and recommended his friend arbitration observer D’Addato as president of the Regional Committee of Puglia and former assistant Marano (“can you find a place in Can D? “). Lanese (that nice cupolaro…) obeys, Meani asks for permission to push Galliani “because we have some control even in the lower categories and better.” Permission granted. And the place is also for the ultras Puglisi… There is room for everyone. With the desire to be more malicious, then, there are talks about hair transplants (it was a joke? Ok), but also about paperwork sent on the desk of Deputy Prime Minister Letta (Paparesta you have been nominated!). This are not maybe “gifts”? This was already on the record, despite having only caught for a couple of months the AC Milan manager (and only him). But today we know as well that Inter gave gifts to designators (to Bergamo in particular, is asked to withdraw it directly in from the head office). Another thing: Juventus would have given shirt of the players to the referees. It seems a joke, but such is the poor Cennicola that we have seen been trialed only for that! (For the record Narducci and Capuano have withdrawn the accusation, recently). What to say (we’ve learned in the process of Naples) instead of bags of Adidas tracksuits and T-shirts from AC Milan? Or about Inter cashmere sweaters? That was enough then to know the legal of the League and would have learned, without writing nonsense in their judgments, as these gifts were allowed, especially if the material came from sponsors (such as play T-shirts) .

What’s missing? The latest: the misuse of the media. In practice Moggi conditioned public opinion because he did tell Baldas and Biscardi to give a high score to an arbitrator rather than “rejected another.” Apart from the usual, obvious, banal, consideration, or, to quote the same “red” journalist, “You know what the problem is? They intercepted the cellular phone of Moggi. If they had intercepted my, they would have discovered that I speak with everyone, that everyone calls me to ask for things, “allow me this pleasure,” “and help me here”, ” I was denied a penalty by him, we saw it with the slow motion “. And I say to all: “Yeah okay, then I see I can do” and so on. I am made like that; I speak in this way with everyone. But then, what matters is what I do see on TV, if I accept the demands of the powerful or if I fuck them and I do my own thing”. Obviously, no account is taken of how Berlusconi was owner of Mediaset and as LA7 (ex Telemontecarlo, managed by Cecchi Gori … to stay in theme) was hand-made to the Telecom… But also the information comes to the rescue. For example Meani in a conversation with Rodomonti told him to have made him put on 7 (referee grades) by Cecere, from La Gazzetta dello Sport. What is normal while the penalty points system is not right? Then… just to understand… one of the most dramatic episodes such claimed is the management of the match Juventus-Lecce done by RAI. I dwell a bit, but there is need to understand several things. The scenario is one of those perfect: Zeman is coach and referee De Santis. For investigators, the venerable journalist Ciro (which – aside – is not even Juventino) is “used” to avert an “imminent danger” (cited above), that is to prevent some of his colleagues (apparently “free”) interviewed Zeman, or maybe he was doing the usual service by mentioning the “doping” or arbitration favors of the alleged De Santis towards Juventus. You know how to Moggi got revered by Scardina (Director of Rai Sport)? With this phone call (transcribed by the Police to come), “No no is a matter of luck come on, do me a favor! I ask you a favor once … change him and send him to me over here, come on, so spending is not because I’ve carried him with the plane…. No if I do not touch the ball until Sunday, and then if I lose, I know you’re the cock … eh… no no no send him to me … oh, once I ask you to do me a favor, come on! “. This asks Moggi to the “companion” (companion? Just as well … he missed only to kneel) Scardina: he is almost begging! But he can not. Venerato goes to Lecce and Juventus won 1-0 with goal from Del Piero. Venerato makes his service on the beautiful game, and investigators do not make problems for Juve. This, at least to hear the charge, because then there are the facts. And they say that the service was on the return from injury of Del Piero, and not on the game. A second service, accompanying the main one, is made by a journalist not Moggiano “(Venerato was admitted to be Moggiano). But not only. Take a look how Moggi vents with Scardina (remember: companion and cupolaro): “How come on Sunday you have come ‘(the Domenica Sportiva, ed) Zeman and Semeraro on television. Boniek already there, this is for breaking the balls of the people”. I mean pages and pages on Venerato mandate not to talk to Zeman (they say), and then the Bohemian is the visitor of the most-watched TV show of Rai, in the early evening, along with the President of Lecce and with antijuventino Boniek, to form a trio that said so many – and this also is in the information – Mino Raiola was forced to call Moggi, furious, asking to intervene in direct transmission to defend his client Nedved against accusations of technical of Lecce. This would be the “power” of bianconeri with the media. What then, frankly, we would just have to laugh to an accusation of the media control by Moggi: were the first to crucify him, even before the judgments, and still largely refuse to accept the truth. This is the media control of Moggi, really? … ..
    In short, for the investigators everything revolves around Moggi. Moggi controls everything and everyone, even the Defense Minister, Pisanu. Now, apart from that it doesn’t not take a scientist to make an elementary connection Minister Berlusconi’s AC Milan, is mentioned an incident: the death of the Santo Papa. Moggi gets a call from the minister who is seeking advice: playing despite the Pope is dying, or postpones directly the games for respect or continues with the games and then eventually stops matches in the event of bad news? Moggi tells his. He says to play because the teams were now in business, especially the small and would suffer economic harm by not playing. And if we want to be bad, it also says the Fiorentina, a rival league that turns, has four important players injured, and the opportunity is too good. At the end instead is not playing (the usual power of Moggi …). But for all is that Moggi on the phone with the “friend” (dominated almost) Pisanu pulling the strings of Italian football. And is it that Meani calling to Galliani, and this one – as president of the League in office – announced the “postpone” of the championship. Slip, no reference. That is, instead of jumping a championship round, moving forward a round with a week, with an unprecedented decision. Reason? AC Milan would otherwise had to play a match without two important South Americans (Kaka and Cafu) injured, and with the postponing had recover them and play at Siena with Shevchenko to return also from injury. Is so how Galliani is responding to Meani concerns: “But do you think I sleep”?. And, smiling, insults “that son of a bitch” Moggi who wanted to play and who had accused him of having taken this decision for his own use and consumption. I mean the opposite of what the painting. Yet even this, incredibly, was already known and inside the information. Just connect the two phone calls and reconstruct the episode.

     In short, even without the phones (very important, for heaven’s sake) found, it was clear from the beginning as the conditions were enforced. And the reason is easily explained. Conspiracy? Without wishing to use big words like that, just remember that the sport judgments are based exclusively on two criminal investigations conducted against Luciano Moggi: one in Torino (archived) and that of Naples. The one that interested he and the investigators were the same investigations – has admitted the ten. col. Auricchio in court, responding to specific demand of Att. Prioreschi – they were regarding only Moggi. The briefings are designed to try (unsuccessfully) his guilt, every phone call was played solely to blame Moggi, every investigation and every line has been wasted just for that purpose. Example: the informations of January 2006. Meani is on the phone with a referee. Greets him, thank the referee, Meani says he has convinced the designators to designate him for the match for Milan, says he has put a good word, the two come together at dinner, Meani confesses that he has done some foreclosure (eg Pisacreta, it acts) to Bergamo and Pairetto (Galliani is getting mad otherwise!”), and so on and then, before hang up, the two wonder, “But why Puglisi (the red ultras, ed) does not referee Milan? “ (There is also need to ask ourselves?). The police discard everything and try to take only the last sentence as the descriptions were designed to discriminate Milan. If this are the method there is little to do.

    Turning to the second indictment: the “case” Paparesta. According to CAF, there is a second tier of violation of Article. 1: the first because Moggi and Giraudo go in the locker room after the match, the second because then threatening and insulting the referee. Apart from that there was no ban (Circular 2004, this acts as well!) to go to the locker room after the referee had compiled the report (and we have several examples found in the phone calls, Inter executives who go there quietly, and there are also before the first half and for that matter ..), via threats .. and setting aside the unfortunate passing of sentences in which it is written that Moggi literally “locked in the dressing room,” the former referee Bari (all born from an incredible joke Moggi saying “I have locked them up” In the second call already said “I wanted to lock them …”) .. It only needed to be check out! In fact, this great punishment was never verified. There was, indeed, a “premium”, because Paparesta returns to officiate Juventus (despite the error), Copelli goes for the Confederation’s Cup and Di Mauro is made to arbitrate in another year exemption to the regulation, despite the achieved age limit. A threat without consequences, in short (Racalbuto for an alleged error pro-Juventus against Roma is not refereeing in the Serie A for several weeks, jeopardizing his career permanently). Reiterated were also the designators. But are the same Bergamo and Pairetto that, after the game, instead of beating (sporting, of course) those involved, they stop the “minimum wage” (a “minor punishment” to define Di Mauro at the hearing) and are concerned also to explain the stop with phone calls very accommodating and friendly and with reassuring tones. Sure, Paparesta should have report the situation. And it has paid for this, even with his career. But it needs little common sense to understand how no one really ever denounces certain things, and not to fear of bad man Moggi, but for not going for “infamous”. Wrong behavior, but human, and is hypocritical to think otherwise. Just think for example at Bertini that receives Facchetti in the dressing room, with the Inter president reminding him of the score against Inter and invites him to “move to the right box”, that of V (victory). The referee is unleashed by Bergamo, but doesn’t report the situation. “Do what the fuck you want” is the refrain of the environment. And they made that happen often, as well as some managers often go beyond the dispute, coming to threats and insults. Remember from memory of the previous complaints in this regard?

   The amazing thing is that however Paparesta then supposed to be a “Juventino”. Why he made phone calls with the Swiss sim (actually the father). But when we learn from the informative (and they know it in January 2006) that Galliani’s talking on the phone (Italian), that Meani says that Paparesta needs a favor, a practice that is important to be facilitated by the Berlusconi government, and that conversations with former colleagues in an accompanying Milan referee is judged by one of “them”, it becomes irrelevant, of course.
    Third charge: Moggi knew in advance the referee list of Juventus and Lazio. Accusation that this part is even as abuse (art. 6) and then it is declassified in art. 1(and it is incorporated into the first part of charge). The proof of this was contained in the famous phone recording between Moggi and one of his secretary, Alessia. Alessia wanted to read the referees, but Moggi jokes and gave them on advance. How did he know? “Here’s proof that the draw was rigged!” is the reasoning. Yet, without the need for phone calls discoveries, just use logic and do a little research on Google. The call is for 11:53. The Ansa notify the referees at 11.21. What are we talking about? At 11:53 the whole Italy knew who the referee of Juve-Lazio was!
    Fourth indictment: Fiorentina – Bologna and the famous targeted admonition. There is an environment that is inserted on a phone call and Moggi tells a person not identified (Att. Prioreschi told who he is, and however it is certainly not a referee) that would serve that they were warned (yellow cards) and ban. On this also build a head of accusation and the CSO says that there is not illegal because there is no proof: they have also verified that the admonitions (of De Santis) were all right, and among other things, the ammonites were not even Ibrahimovic, Del Piero but Petruzzi and Nastase.. But Caf has forgotten that in that same statement was a call between Moggi and Damascelli, in which Moggi not even know who they were those players warned at Bologna…
   Last indictment: it is alleged the violation of Art. 1 for Juventus-Udinese and is related to the “grid” made with Bergamo on the phone that we have already spoken. The only grill made by Moggi, unfortunately wrong.

     Having an overview, and citing the lawyer. Prioreschi: “The first statistic, which counts for what counts: to send Juventus in Serie B and given to Moggi 5 years there were enough 21 phone recordings from 180,000! One can say that it is enough well-off just one for charity … I do not say no, but in the light of what I say now 21 phone recordings over 180,000: 7 of which are with journalists, which are those relating to the penalty points system of Baldas to moviolone of Biscardi … well enough to hear them … .. maybe you should hear the phone recordings; 5 phone recordings about the Paparesta episode, and we are at 12; 1 phone recording is from Luciano Moggi and his wife when he talks about what to bring, the cake , what panettone (a dinner with the designators, ed); 2 phone recordings were the Della Valle brothers; 1 is with the secretary and concerns of the draw Juventus-Lazio; 1 phone recording of Mazzini with Giraudo; 1 phone recording Moggi with Giraudo; 1 phone recording with Moggi and Bergamo; 1 phone recording with Bergamo and Mazzini. A total of 21“.

     Twenty-one phone calls which led to a disgraceful decision that has destroyed the most glorious Club of Italian football and made fun of millions of Italians, despite just reading the information better. Now it’s done, though. No going back, and nothing can ever take away the immense humiliation of Juventus. But it’s a moral duty on the part of the FIGC to review the rulings of 2006 e.g. art. 39 and remedy what was wrong then promoted. And it’s a moral duty (and professional) by journalists begin to tell the truth. And it’s a moral duty (and the protection of Juventus SpA) from the leaders of Juventus to ask that justice is done. That does not mean removing a Championship (ours) from Inter. But they need it for rewriting the history. There is everything to do it: there are arguments based on the information, there are “hidden” calls (cited Prioreschi) by the Police, there is evidence in court in Naples and soon there will be a sentence. The excuses are now over!

 P.S. Meani, so frequently mentioned in the article, was condemned by the sports justice to a suspension of 2 years and 3 months; Adriano Galliani was suspended around 5 months; Inter won the Scudetto at the table with proposals for beatification; Milan won the Champions League in that year, including the UEFA disgust. But we applauded them.

adapted in English by: Mike Prise an article by Antonio Corsa