‘Cause in Hyrule Market, there’s also transfer fever.

You might want to click Play. The market music will soothe your troubles while you read this.

Football is over. I guess there are still a couple of finals to be played, but 2011-2012 is pretty much gone. We still got the Euros, which is a pretty darn fantastic thing, but apart from that is vacation time for the footballing world.
That’s right, Ronaldinho getting drunk, playing the tambourine and growing an unflatteringly round pot-belly somewhere in a Brazilian coast. Or footballers in general taking their families or newly acquired model-girlfriends to fancy beaches where they can pose and show off in briefs instead of trunks as swimsuits, in return for all the hard gym time they give their legs.
Apparently, they are the few male humans valiant enough who dare to do so. I, on the other hand, am from the breed who feel more comfortable in, say, longer, less crotch-revealing swimsuit apparel.


The less crotch-revealing breed,
spearheaded by our main man Bean. 
But what for us who write these so-called articles? What is in stock for us while the season break lasts? What about all the Previews, Reviews, Overviews, Underviews, Pagelles and Tactical Analysises?
Well, dear readers, I must reveal that this time of the year is full of fun, laughs and imagination for us. As season-break means only one thing for us football-addicted losers…
That’s right! The one and only place where you can fantasize on which players may arrive after you have actually believed the transfer fund amount the president said the club would have. 
Clubs beat each other to a pulp to get their hands on an argentine or bosnian wunderkind, only to be inevitably outbid by an oil company-owned club by well over €10 million. (Similarities to real life are strictly intentional).
While you rant, complain, insult, troll and funnel every ounce of stress and tension accumulated since New Year’s against your club’s CEO when he fails to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. 
That’s CalcioMercato. A place where peace, beauty and virtue blossom from thin air to inspire us and make us more loving, caring and understanding human beings.
…That’s a crappy lie.
It’s war, and we LOVE it.
At MyJuventus we could not stay behind and will act accordingly.
Hence, Ayan and myself will join forces and soon present a three-pronged article stating the most gossiped and mentioned transfer possibilities with our respective opinions regarding each matter. We will try to present a mixture of qualitative and quantitative overviews on each subject and explain our own points of view.
But that is only half way, as the point of this whole thing is for you to share your thoughts with us, which ever they might be. From devising a master plan to bring Cavani for €17.50 and a stick of gum, or telling us about your new Marotta-faced-dartboard once he opts for Floro-Flores and names him the huge transfer he was talking about and call it a day (kidding…no, really, just kidding).
But enough about unladen african swallows and their air speeds, I wish not to get ahead of myself.
Merry days for those of you who may too be in some sort of break. And for those who are like “Wha?! Break? Not for another month and a half it ain’t!”, congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back; you are hard-working fellers. 
The posts will be up soon, and you must read and comment, you must swear it, by the Old Gods and the New. 
First up, Defenders!
Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles