Beppe, look at this two boys! They are saying, don’t make any mistake: “Bring my roommate in Turin, please!”

Martin Caceres has spoken to Tuttosport of the season but also about market. 

Caceres also talks about the market about who is asking more of Turin.

Caceres, of the two (Suarez and Cavani) who makes the most questions on Juve? 

Obviously Suarez. Edi does not need it: playing in Naples, already knows all about Italy and of Juve.With Cavani we joked about the Italian Cup: I congratulated him, but in reality not even the Uruguay national team made ​​me let off some steam. 

Can you reveal some background on Luis Suarez?
With Suarez’ve known for a lifetime, between Sub-20 and world championships, we are in the same room in the national team for 7 years. He is a friend, a nice guy and a great striker. 

In England, however, is considered a bad boy.

It is said too much and bad about him: his problem is that he is speaking little English and it’s hard to explain himself. He is not a racist, I assure you: in our group we have a couple of black friends. 

Let us return to Juventus.

It’s true, talking in the room that he wondered how is the club, without going into details of the players. My answer? I told him that is a club that always and only wants to win. 

Have you seen him intrigued?

At Liverpool’s fine, but what I told him about Juve he liked it: after all which is the player who would not want to play in a club so ambitious? Put it this way: I would be willing to share the room with him also in Turin. 

But …

Does not depend on me, nor for Suarez nor for Cavani. The question must be turned to the leaders, who certainly have a clear idea. If it would be up to me I could not choose, I would take them both: they are fantastic strikers.

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adapted by: Mike Prise