DAMAGED FERRARI – The colleague Luca Pasquaretta, on his twitter profile, published the image of the Ferrari heavily damaged in the night by Martin Caceres:

CACERES, TRACES OF ALCOHOL IN BLOOD: THOUSAND EUROS OF FINE, DRIVING LICENSE AND CAR SEIZED – More updates coming from the Turin daily newspaper “La Stampa”: One thousand euro fine, driver’s license and car confiscated. It is the balance of the accident that had protagonist, this night, the Juventus defender Martin Caceres. It was just past midnight, the player was aboard his Ferrari when, coming over from the Soviet Union, he turned left going Giambone. He has however taken the lane the wrong way, bumping the curb of the median.

Here Càceres lost control of his car, which has gone first crashing into the bus stop and then ended his race against two parked cars. He was unhurt from the crash. The incident was recorded by the municipal police, the sanctions instead have been entrusted to the Highway. Ferrari has been placed in an administrative detention of 180 days. The defender then had to pay a fine of one thousand euro and has also had to hand over his license: alcohol test confirmed traces of alcohol in the blood, albeit slightly above the permissible limits.