Buy me I’m in sale, and do not believe I’m unreachable … . Viola Valentino sang it in 1979. At a distance of 32 years, someone else, the Chelsea defender Alex for the precision, tells more or less the same text on the phone of SkySport24 .

The 29 year-old Brazilian chased by reporters questions does not deny contact with the Bianconeri, off balance, even so brazen even admitting that the possibility of wearing the jersey of Juventus would not mind him at all actually.

Here is the full text of the call: 

“I’ve heard of the interest of Juventus for me by my agent when I got back from vacation. It’s a very interesting hypothesis, however, I have been informed that until now they only want me on a loan, this honestly will not do it for Chelsea and not for me.

I still have two years of contract with the Blues and they have made no offer of renewal, I’m 29 years old and I know that I can still sign a major contract with a big European. If Juventus want to buy me I would be very happy, I’m fascinated by this idea and I’ve already spoken with Diego and Amauri, here if Juventus were to offer this contract I would accept. Juventus are a great club and playing in Italy is a solution that I am very interested, if a call arrives from Turin I will evaluate it very carefully. “

The ball now passes to Marotta who last night has surely have seen Bonucci‘s performance in the Trofeo Tim.