TURIN, 19 November 2012 – Gigi Buffon, after Lazio you are more comforted by the game or disappointed by zero goals?
“It was a great game and a great Juve: we have not won for episodes and skill of the opponents, but we have confirmed what team we are.”

Chelsea have made turnover and lost: afraid of you?
“I think not. But I also think that winning helps win and that the losses are hardly healthy. Apart from our against Inter. “

Getting out from the Champions League would be a failure?
“I do not necessarily need to use such strong terms: there are different ways to move forward, how to get out. After you can choose the best adjective. “

You can win the Champions League even without a Drogba?
“I have great confidence in the work of this group, that of the coach and the quality of our attackers, that at any moment they can do win any game.”

Why has still not signed the contract renewal?
“There is a problem, there is a problem with the needs of the team, the company and mine, to end this cycle of big games. And hope they go the right way. “

Do you remain with Juve for the next three years?
“There will be no surprises.”

It gives a three-year period to win the Champions League?
“I would like  to do it because so far I have only touched. As I often say, once set aside injuries, I think have in front another three years in which I can give so much, and make a difference, and I do not to be content. I do not want to make choices of convenience, and bring my boat in the harbor to anchor slowly: I’ve always been a speedboat, so I want to go full throttle on the high seas, as long as I can. “

source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi)