A dedication “to the hands” with which he would “embrace everyone” and that allowed him to “achieve so many dreams.”
Gianluigi Buffon wanted to celebrate the Golden Foot Award received in Monte Carlo with a message on his profile Instragram.

“To the phrases that inspire, thoughts that elevate, the silences that say a thousand words, I’ve always preferred the hands.

The hands that make things.
The hands that give help.
The hands that get dirty.

With their hands babies are looking for their mother’s breast. With the hands fathers tie their children shoes.

As a child I was looking at the hands of my parents and I remember the work, the sweat and the sacrifice.

Today I look at my hands and I can see inside of all of my dreams, accomplished and not.

With the hands you hug the ones you love. With the hands you get up off the ground after having fallen. With the hands can dig in the rubble after an earthquake. With the hands you ask for help.

I’ve seen hands shake for joy, greeting hands, hands that are praying and hands that reject.

With these hands, my hands, I fought and I became great. I’ve won and lost. I passed limits and challenged the impossible. I’ve blocked shots and fears. I strained in the continuous hope of getting to where others have surrendered.

I pushed who didn’t have the courage to jump. I tried to keep people who wanted to go.

I am my hands.

What I leave here today, it is not the imprint of ten fingers, but a sign of who I am, what I’ve done and what I still have to do.

I am honored and proud. Excited and proud.

If I could I’d hug you all. With these hands,

My hands.”