MILANBuffon spoke at an event related to his work as ambassador for the sport poker: 
“If I had to bet 10 chips on the table the scudetto- said Gigi Buffon – well, I would allocate 6 on AC Milan, my favorite, one of Lazio, Napoli, Udinese and Juventus …. Conte is the right dealer for Juve. I do not imbalance because we the Juventus must rediscover credibility and respect: we come from two seventh place and we must never forget that. And the vote for Juventus is 6.5 “. 

“We are the second defense and the second attack, it means that we are not first in anything, and ten rounds are too little to say who we are. We need to improve both in attack and defense. Last year at Christmas we were two points from the peak, two years ago we were the first after the sixth: We need to continue, otherwise we will wreck again. So better not say too much. Del Piero? He can find the shot that can make us win games. I think Conte is sipping the energy to make us all better. Conte has given us important directives, and has Juve and juventinità in the blood, has experienced very good and some bad times in our history and has the right experience to handle situations. A vote to Juve? We give a full 6.5, as a vote for me as a goalkeeper nothing, but as poker player, I say 7. ” 

 source: tuttosport.comadapted by: Mike Prise