For all you Haters: Remember this? If you do remember, shut up! Forza Grande GIGI!

TURIN, May 4, 2012 – Gigi Buffon has learned to sleep on it, even if intermittently, bad in fact, but not to withdraw the remorse for a ‘duck’: “I do n’t forgive myself this error, ” he said yesterday to friends. Until a few years ago, after the rare rubbish, could not sleep. before dawn “Life is made up of small solitudes, that of goalkeeper more,” repeated Fabien Barthez, the former number one in France who now teaches the art to young people. If nothing else, Buffon is a bit less alone.

In the Juventino locker room, his companions are close, embraced by Conte, who was black for the draw. Gigi came in and apologized to the team, and no one uttered a word. the fans defended him, sending him hundreds of messages. Idem Juve, who has pasted on facebook early in the morning with a very broad spectrum video clip of his winning flights. Explanation: Keep in mind who he is our number one. Do not forget the other Bianconeri “The errors happen said Claudio Marchisio and then he saved us a lot of other times.”

Among the faithful there is who did the inventory of seasonal prowess: the penalty save to Totti, at the Olimpico, decisive the flights against Udinese, at home, and speed on Muntari’s goal, in his own way, conjuring trick that as well. All the stuff that can not be erased with a erroneous stop, for inattention or lightness. As well as history, it stays there, on almanacs and in the hearts of the people that immediately after the misdeed they invoked the name from the curve “Gigi is the one who in 2006, as world champion, did not go away, despite many offers ” is remembered on the forums. Faithful to the Juventus tribe. Smooth, gassed or Ferrarelle, maybe he just wrong time and place of the spot: where makes the goalie, but of condominium and hotel, delivering recommended, threatening to puncture balls, directing the sorting of luggage. “When he sees a door is haughty, but sometimes exaggerating.”

Until the beautiful Alena Seredova throws him prodigious water, as the next parade. The other night was too far away, in the stands. May rebuild to Trieste: “I look forward to that Sunday.” Despite the sadness he had to wake him also, under the stars after nearly going to cry out of anger and disappointment. Heavy blow to one who dreams of the championship, and the revenge, since he agreed to go down to Serie B. For charity, well-paid, but also at Milan, for which he only had to put a signature, would not have taken the minimum wage. “No doubt Gigi is not happy – says Silvano Martina, former goalkeeper and his agent – in fact he is sad for the error. And the first to be angry and disappointed is he. But character is strong and will recover quickly. “Already against Cagliari: “I am convinced he will return to unleash his usual parades.” The phenomenology of number one, Martina knows it by heart: “Today is your fault, Sunday you make a paratone, the team wins and clears everything.”

The collection of the career, between errors and miracles there is no contest: “The National Team and Juve fans should just thank him – continues Martina – for what he has done in recent years. And even in the current championship, Gigi was disputing a great season, which can not be deleted from the episode on Wednesday. In football, as well as in everyday life, a mistake can happen. “Lev Yashin knew well, the legend of number one: “If you are not haunted after making a mistake, you are not a great keeper. At that time, no matter what you did in the past, because it seems to have no future. ” Instead, in sports, you can go over it: Sunday evening in Trieste.

source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi)
adapted by: Mike Prise