TURIN – Gigi Buffon submitted to the 10 questions of Sky: it should have been the preview of the gameNapoli-Juventus, now it’s only one important interview. 

 Buffon yesterday and today? 
“I’m much better, am thinner with 5 kilos: I weight as when I was a rookie of national Parma. And that says a lot about my desire to win and get back to my level ” 

 What is the weight of Conte in the ranking of Juve ? 
“There’s a lot of Conte: his anger, his tactical knowledge, knowledge of the Juventus world that sent to all, especially to newcomers.” 

 The importance of Pirlo. 
“Pirlo is one that gives the turning point: those talents like him are born every 30-40 years, would the good and the good fortune to each team. And we needed an organizer as him. Gives us confidence. ” 

 The last season of Del Piero at Juventus. 
“Del Piero? You never know when is the last, may yet surprise us, Alex. Agnelli’s words are rather a sign of gratitude in my opinion. ” 

 Conte says that Del Piero and Buffon help to grow the group. 
“After these physical problems, it is easier to feel part of a group and give more help to the group.”

 Newcomers: who is the most pleasant surprise? 
“The newcomers are excellent: Vidal is the best surprise, when they weren’t talking about him I was seeing him in training two months ago, and I said yes, Jorge was for Juventus.” 

“The challenge of San Paolo is not a title challenge yet. But whoever wins will have more certainty, and whoever loses more doubts. ” 

 Not playing the Champions League is an advantage or do you miss it? 
“Not playing the cups is an advantage in the championship. You can prepare better. I miss the Champions League, but with Barcelona the chances of winning are low and then missing hurts less. “
The next goal of Buffon: 
“My goal is to do 3-4 years as Gigi Buffon to put the past behind with it’s problems. Win back with Juventus and National, is my goal. ” 

 A message to Cassano? 
“Another important challenge for you Antonio, temperamentally you like challenges and you have the right humor, strength and happiness, thanks to the family, to get out. For the European you should be our weapon . ” 

 source:Tuttosportadapted by:Mike Prise