In a long interview for Sky Sport Italia in the occasion of the traditional family reunion in Villar Perosa, Juventus captain Gigi Buffon left some interesting words about the past, present and the future.

“I asked Dani Alves to help us, above all us older members of the team, to achieve the dream we are still chasing and help us push the bar a little higherHe is rather accustomed to certain targets and victories, so I think in that sense his experience can really help us.”

“What I liked in these first few weeks is seeing how eager the new guys are to work hard. You can tell they have the mentality of top clubs and are, albeit prudent, confident enough in themselves to think big.”

“We’re coming off five wonderful seasons where the club proved it won’t rest on its laurels and that is the sign to the fans and us players too that there’s much still to be done, I think the experience of last season will help us not make the same mistakes of feeling superior. I think at the end of the day it’ll be very important to find the right balance and for everyone to get to know each other, because on paper the team is different to on the pitch. It’s on the pitch we have to prove that everything said about us is true.”

“I spoke to Morata and we exchanged messages, but also via Simone Zaza, seeing as they talk often. He sent us a message, he was really very polite and it was a real pleasure seeing him grow up to become a champion over the last two years.”

“For Paul [Pogba] clearly it’s easier to follow him on social media, so we know what he’s up to. I think at the end of the day he’s an extraordinary lad, an extraordinary champion and someone seeking an extraordinary career.”

“At times, these careers go through an inevitable change of club. I wish both of them all the best, because they really helped us out over the last few years.”