Juventus and Italy LEGEND, Gianluigi Buffon has given an in-depth interview to sports newspaper Tuttosport. Here are the most important things he talked about:

What is the reason Bonucci chose milan?:

“I think that Leo needed a new challenge and what is happening at Milan will have intrigued him. We will always thank him for what he has given this club but Juve has always had great champions come and go.
I spoke to him privately and that conversation will remain between the two of us. I don’t feel betrayed because he went to Milan”

Is UCL an obsession for you?:

“The truth, please believe me when I say that the Champions League has been a positive stimulus for me and a chance to saviour certain emotions and confront great players in fantastic arena’s. Even in this season it will not become an obsession”.

What about DYBALA situation?:

“Until the market closes you can never be sure but social media makes everything more unstable and precarious.
I believe in the end that both Dybala and Juventus have a strong bond between them. Paolo has added more quality to this team over the past two seasons.”

Who are the SCUDETTO contenders this year?:

“I think Milan will fight for the championship. They have spent a lot of money but nothing that happens in the market surprises me anymore. 
I’m in favour of transfer capping! I hear Neymar linked with a €222M move then what next, €600M and so on?
“My grandfather always said to me that if you keep inflating the balloon, eventually it will burst”

Is this your last season?

“My 17th season? I don’t want to talk about it anymore, I’ve already told people what I could or couldn’t do. I try to grasp and appreciate everything I have and I want to make this season formidable both for myself and the team.
“I don’t want to leave no stone unturned”