This afternoon Buffon has been the protagonist of the press conference in Coverciano.

Gigi Buffon seemed embittered and astonished, but ready to reply to everybody and about everything, as when the journalist asked him, if he would say again that sentence ( better two wounded than one dead) he said:
” I can’t really say what my mind and my heart think, because it is undeniable that I had a confirmation that, in the end, respectable people, which on some situation have their conscience clean and don’t have any skeleton in the cupboard, can’t speak freely.” 

On the possible inquiry regarding his words:
“ If it is true that the investigating officers want to speak with me, you are those who have to tell me. You know it first. You have to tell me, since you always discover things before the people concerned.“ 

At 6 a.m. the police enter in Coverciano:
” I was sleeping, we even didn’t realize. But for Mimmo it hasn’ surely been a nice awakening. I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And even there, at 6 a.m., there were video cameras, in order to turn the event into a show. In Italy, you know everything at once, you know already, after some minutes, what has been said in an hypothetical inquiry.” 

A journalist also asks him if this championship has been virtual:
“After six years in which I win the championship, is it a virtual championship? You always talk about past events. This championship has been without shadows. So, as I always say, when someone does a mistake, then it is right to pay it. Since, in this case, there are involved values such as honesty and sportsmanship, I believe that the punishments must be exemplar. I never doubt on this. The only doubt I have is in trying to make distinctions, because, even in case of error, there are some faults which are particularly serious and others which are less relevant; therefore it is not right to lump everything together.” 

Gigi replies to Monti:
” The best answer I believe it was that of our federal president Abete. Then the most important problem in Italy seems to be football. The players who earn a lot are those who play for big clubs, not the others. And many footballers, the majority, at the end of their career, will have to work. But the point is believing or not in some important values. I think that I would never do certain things even if I was playing in a small club, because my parents gave me some values.” 

Is it worse than 2006?:
“Yes, it is. This involves all the football system, that one mainly a club.” 

About Conte:
” I’m not scared of losing him at Juventus. I even didn’t consider this hypothesis. The charges against him don’t seem so strong.” 

Latest questions were on the climate of the team:
” The climate is very good. I don’t say it for rethoric. Cassano is daily revved up, and Balotelli is really good too. There is the right cheer and light-heartedness in order to work int he best way; no one that is here, is involved in any way in what has happened.”