FIFA has said no to his request to find a home immediately to another club but, according to the journalist Enzo Bucchioni, this prohibition does not prevent Didier Drogba (34) joining soon to Juventus. In fact, reading what is contained within its usual editorial Tuttomercatoweb, the director of QS it looks to have a few doubts: Drogba to Juventus, it’s done!

The Ivorian striker, little happy in China,  would be very close to wear the jersey of the Old Lady: the transfer would materialize in the winter transfer session in January. The footballer, engaged in that month in Africa Cup of Nations with his national team, would in practice be available to coach Antonio Conte in February, or when restart the Champions League with the phase of the knockout. During the period in which “would serve” more, in fact. The former Chelsea striker is eager to return to Europe and wants to prove he could still lead in major club competition with the jersey of another team after winning protagonist in the last year with the blues.

The decision to pursue the purchase of Drogba says Bucchioni is just on various important factors: “The evaluations were wide and in the end they all agreed that Drogba has the experience and the charisma of just suitable to address the revival of Champions in February and give Juve something more. Drogba last year was the driver of the Chelsea, the biggest signature on the cup is his own. and ‘tactically perfect for football power and movement that wants the coach of Juventus. and if the Bianconeri in the league could go ahead even so with Vucinic, Matri, Quagliarella and Giovinco, it is in Europe that need a player of this caliber. “