TURIN, May 4, 2014 – It was him to say to his companions, yesterday, in the locker room at Vinovo: “Guys, I’m stopping here. Tuesday I’ll have knee surgery and then begin rehabilitation. With some of you, who knows, we’ll see you at the World Cup. “

Arturo Vidal did not take it anymore: the right knee makes him suffer for a month and a half, since in the second leg of the Europa League against Fiorentina (March 20) hit the ground kicking and has procured an inflammation of the bone. In cases as this only serves resting and it was thought that the problem could  be solved even if not in a very short time.

Juve yesterday has made no official statement on the matter, then there is no confirmation about the operation from the company. But the words spoken by Vidal in the locker room leave little doubt. And to leave no doubt is especially the knee swollen like a balloon.

On Thursday, the Warrior had played through the use of painkillers: he sacrificed himself for Juve, him who had scored limping at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. But now he can not do it anymore. And yesterday he said it to his companions.