The Juventus fans still believe, hope that Carlitos Tevez could yet stay in Turin and comply with the contract, but the future of Apache seems to be getting further away from Turin. Some say he has already canceled the rent of the house and that eventually he is seeking another bigger, others, however, say that the cabinet from Vinovo it would have been totally emptied and not even slippers are there anymore, someone reported.

The truth is simple: Carlitos wants to monetize at most  his great year and with his agent is asking for more money. The nearly five million euro of engagement are not enough and wants a two-year or a three-year at figures clearly higher, equal to the big in Europe, to Ibrahimovic, the Cavani, for instance, names not chosen randomly, because of PSG, the company for which he received an offer more than doubled compared to that of Juventus.

These figures, the reasons for these doubts, from Boca, a choice of heart, when only messages of love, but little money, from France, many pretty pennies that could eventually make a difference.