Coming? or Going? Who knows?

Goal after goal Borriello is trying to embarrass everyone. Skeptics, those who are not convinced and especially the Juventus leaders. Maybe for Conte, probably, the transfer would be a done deal, but the football desires collide with the dynamics of companies and especially with the economic evaluations. 8 million (asking price) for a player who goes to the thirty (18 June) are perhaps too many. 

The reasons? Simple, the player with three years of the contract (for example) would cost almost 3 million per year amortization (8 millions of card smeared in three seasons) more the employment from 2 mil to 2.5 mil, which gross are almost 5, for a total of 7-8 million per year including the previous item. Hence did the calculation. Under these conditions, the negotiation becomes difficult. 

Why? Let’s take a practical example: the much chatted Suarez. If he came Juventus would spend 25 million for card, but being younger might make him a contract of at least five years at an annual cost of 5 million the year amortization. The employment of Suarez, then it would not be much higher than that of Borriello but would reach 3 million. 

Translation: with about 4 million more a year Juventus would have a younger player that after three years may also resell. The example shows how the operation 

Borriello becomes valid from economic point of view only on two conditions: first the Rome halves the request from 8 to 3-4 million maximum and the second that Borriello is reduced the engagement in a consistent manner, from 3 to 1,5-2 million. Under these conditions we will see Borriello again in Turin, otherwise get ready to departure , for some more, some less painful.; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise