Am I not beautifull? Yes, Belen, you are!  unfortunatelly you won’t dress the black-white shirt, he will
DUBAI – Now it’s official: Marco Borriello has arrived to Juventus. The encounter at Milan between the Juventus director, Beppe Marotta, and the counterpart of the Rome, Claudius Fenucci, along with red and yellow sporting director Walter Sabatini and the player’s agent, Tiberio Cavalleri, has produced the expected effects. Borriello arrives in Torino on loan for about 1 million euros, with the right of transfer set at around 7.5 million. 
INSISTS FOR PIZARROJuventus also spoke of Pizarro, Juventus next target market. Conte would want as vice Pirlo. The two clubs will again meet in the coming days to try to close this deal also. 
adapted by: Mike Prise