Boom of Juventus fans club: in the last time they were born 49 new Juventus fans club! skysport24 press release, the first page of Tuttosport 

It’s no use in hiding, in the air you breathe an crazy enthusiasm on the part of the Juventus fans . The team has grit, the new coach has great character, farsopoli is exposed, the Juventus Stadium is a added value envied across Italy and beyond … In short, there is a hunger for victories. But this should not be news, this is the credo that has characterized our glorious club for more than a century … 

Juve, we will never abandon you, in good times and bad. 


Meanwhile … work hard, tiger’s eye, zero claims, dripping sweat and show love for the shirt … us fans we were, and we’ll be there forever! 

Greetings to all brothers Bianconeri!