5 rounds to revolutionize almost completely the grid shield. For Bookmakers was enough a little more than a month to change the odds from early July. How then in the peak AC Milan is but Juventus and Napoli are approaching with giant steps and prescritti take the fourth. After the stunning performance Juventus against Rossoneri the shares see the Bianconeri of Conte to 3.00 in the fight to the scudetto, only a quarter of a point from Milan who is still the favorite (2.75). Since the beginning of the year the Bianconeri then have halved their share (6.00) while AC Milan, pending the recovery of many injuries, loses half a point from the initial fee (2.50). 

The Naples scales positions and ranks third with a share of the value perhaps higher of Mazzarri’s shareholding (5.00) due mostly to the efforts of Naples in the Champions League and the bench does not live up to the starters. Prescriti limps to 6.00 that despite the initial boost of confidence with the arrival of Ranieri, now seems to be at the end of the cycle. Shortly the Rome at 11.00 with the evident progress of the yellow-red. Far away Lazio and Udinese to 35.00, which seem equipped to fight at the top but not the shield to scudetto. 

source: tuttojuve.com